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  1. Hippocampus

    Development Update - September 8, 2019

    I have some thought-out-twice criticism to give, in case I'm not the only one thinking this: I'm glad for the updates via stream and all, and I'm probably a minority voice here... but why is so much work being put towards salt mines when story mode isn't out? I wanted get good at the fighting...
  2. Hippocampus

    Hippocampus Fanart

    Thank you! Yes, I paint in photoshop. And there are so many neat tricks to make the paint behave like...well, real paint!
  3. Hippocampus

    Hippocampus Fanart

    Thanks! Aww- that's a really great sculpture idea.
  4. Hippocampus

    Hippocampus Fanart

    I'm trying out some fluff techniques. Here's a Paprika
  5. Hippocampus

    Lockerobster art thread

    This is beautiful! The weight of the lines make it look like embroidery.
  6. Hippocampus


    I looked up a list of ungulates in Egypt. There are several goats there including the Nubian Ibex. Unfortunately only the males have the beards. I tried looking up species of ungulates whose females have beards, but I wasn't very successful. So I think the team might just be ignoring that.
  7. Hippocampus

    Hippocampus Fanart

    Well, I figured out the first part. Thanks guys! Anukan, when I put the PLAIN brackets around it like you did, only the image url for the picture showed up in the preview. What was it supposed to do? EDIT: Oh wait, That was for OCisbestungulate's benefit. Nevermind!
  8. Hippocampus

    Hippocampus Fanart

    Hmm... I didn't realize the image was so large. I'm not sure if there's a way to resize this so here's the dA link so you can see it better: Tianhuo
  9. Hippocampus

    Rich's Recorded Recreations and Jampacked Joke Journals

    That video is what the kids would call 'dank' Hahah! Tian is a Huo! That's great!
  10. Hippocampus

    Hippocampus Fanart

    Hi guys! I finally made an account here; now I get to tell everyone how much I love these characters! Here's some fanart for Tianhuo I made: