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  1. Ravvij

    Future Palettes

    Wouldn't Pom and Paprika look silly in a knitted-sweater patterns? Like terrible Christmas sweaters and such? It'd be a pain to animate, I'm sure, but sooo worth the giggle.
  2. Ravvij


    I'm interested in everyone's opinions about this series. I've only seriously played Tekken 6 and have messed around with a few of the others at friends' houses. I main Jin and play around with Yoshimitsu. Tekken 7 looks like a lot of fun, but until it goes on sale I can't play it. I understand...
  3. Ravvij

    Ideal DLC Character

    Would be, if I hadn't mentioned the Android thing. Besides, this is a cartoon fighting game. Since when was anything realistic in it?
  4. Ravvij

    Ideal DLC Character

    I'd very much like to see an Android, or Cyborg, like character! Great mid-range control, great recovery, whip punisher, and able to cover distances quickly. Weaknesses would be long-range and magic (ability to use magics), and to a lesser degree, short-range and air-control. I'd love to see...
  5. Ravvij

    Opinions on current game balance?

    The only problem I have with any character, so far, is Oleander. Her hitboxes are HUGE and annoying. Getting in close to her is a pain with Arizona, and Tianhuo. Not sure if it's easier with other characters, yet, but I hate coming up against Oleander.
  6. Ravvij

    Ideal DLC Character

    I love the idea of a Spider, but I suggest a False Widow. Furry, cute, skittish, and fast! Her personality should be outwardly-weird, but personally very sweet. Grabs are slowing for her opponents as well as staggers, because web, and all the legs are for lots of quick, light jabs. Weaknesses...
  7. Ravvij

    Various Suggestions for the Game

    One thing I really enjoyed from an older Soul Calibur, I think, was the ability to practice combos in Training/Practice by displaying the combos on the screen, even a mode that only allows you to move on once you've done the combo once or thrice.
  8. Ravvij

    The Legitimacy of Control in TFH

    Not sure if this should go here, but I've been having trouble with controllers. It doesn't keep the control settings and will default in the middle of a fight, and it can't differentiate between my ps4 controller and the simulated xbox360 controller; when i go to "controller" and press left on...