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  1. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    Evo Online 2020 - Our Response

    This is a great idea, thank you for taking a stance, we were all exited to see TFH on EVO but not with the situation around the company. Great work as usual Team.
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    Official Discord Server

    The link says the invitation has expired
  3. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    Velvet party? Velvet party.

    I approve of this
  4. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    Review your favorite games in 4 words or less

    Metal Gear: Sneak Choke Smoke Explode! Doom: Shoot Shoot Shoot SHOOT! Overwatch: Spray Wait Ultimate POTG Castlevania: Jump Whip Candles Monsters
  5. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Doom wich i just 100% ed again thanks to DLC Overwatch playing Competitive Season 2 Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator on PS
  6. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    Neat Ideas

    Thems Fighting Herds Go. Got a ungulate them all!
  7. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    After Mighty no. 9, should we be worried?

    I dont really think we should be worried. What happened with Mighty Number 9 was that the developers set unrealistic goals from the start, wich was already a red flag to consider before even backing up the project, they as far as I am aware werent very open abotu the development process either...
  8. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    small detail that make TFH special for you!

    I love the fact that the game is developed by the same team behind fighting is magic but now without the restrictions of the Lawyer Friendly Equines IP and the fact they could make the game they wanted to make is what makes this special for me.
  9. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    Introduce yourself

    Oh deer!
  10. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    Point-and-Click Adventure Games

    Hmm never been a fan of point and click games, i can never get very far because I grow bored real fast.
  11. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    What Books do you Read/Recommend?

    The entire Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice The entire Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs LOTR (No the movies dont count!)
  12. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    2D Fighting games in VR speculation

    I dont think VR would really apply to 2D fighting games, i dont see hwo they would really benefit from VR
  13. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    Introduce yourself

    How did you know!?
  14. Velvet_The_Reindeer


    I finally got the game, and wow why did I wait so long? its loads of fun!
  15. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    Fighting Game Ideas?

    Id love a fighting game from Blizzard, Heroes of the Fight, they have an easter egg on the maps, where they have an arcade with a sprite based fighting game using Blizzards characters.
  16. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    Real-Time Strategy

    I wouldnt say they are dying, we recently had the last SC II expansion and we now will have Halo Wars 2
  17. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Overwatch got all achievements but 1 (Which is glitched for everyone in the world)
  18. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    WayForward Games

    I really hope they port more shantae Games to Mobile phones i love Riskys revenge but ive beaten it many times now.
  19. Velvet_The_Reindeer

    E3 Trailers/Reviews

    SO many good games comming out.. my wallet will suffer for sure