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  1. CluelessDetective

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

    Yeah I'm very pleased with how the game plays, its pure fun and I'm happy to be able to play as Yu again
  2. CluelessDetective

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

    Luckily all my mains from all the games are here which are Yu Narukami, Hazama, and Gordeau so I'll probably use Yu and Hazama for EVO but I'll definitely experiment with my favorite unga bunga
  3. CluelessDetective

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

    So I was able to go to a Gamestop today to try the game out and honestly I'm back on board with it, it was very fun. It was single player which was a bummer since a few friends and I went there, but I enjoyed what I played. It's not as braindead as I thought it was going to be, and has a some...
  4. CluelessDetective

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

    I'm probably getting it on PS4, though I'll decide if I'm getting it after trying the demo at Gamestop next week. And yeah that's weird it doesnt come with the pass, though I think Fighterz did something like that too which isnt too great to leave it out since most games I think come with the...
  5. CluelessDetective

    Tier List

    I thought about it for awhile and honestly I think the list for it is less of a typical list and more of a super complicated hexagon. What I mean by that is, is that there is no awful character in this game. They all have super apparent strengths and weaknesses that it's more of match-up based...
  6. CluelessDetective

    About the Announcer

    I honestly agree, the announcer just isn't my cup of tea. While you don't need a hype as hell announcer I at least like them to sound invested in what's going on or have some form of charisma. Rev 2 is a pretty good example of an announcer that isn't insanely hype, but the voice is so good I...
  7. CluelessDetective

    Future Palettes

    For a non jokey color, I think Pom should get a color that makes her either look like The King from New Vegas/Elvis from rl and the doggos looking like The Kings dog, Rex. You can even call it like Jailhouse Rock or something.
  8. CluelessDetective

    Future Palettes

    What we need as a new Velvet pallet is one of Ice Knack with the titled "Ice is Nice"
  9. CluelessDetective

    The Lone Star State (Harmonycon's goin' on)

    You totally should come here when you learn to! We have meetings every Saturday in the same room from 1 to 10 and just play fighting games there and there's a decent amount of people there that play TFH there too!
  10. CluelessDetective

    The Lone Star State (Harmonycon's goin' on)

    I live in Leander which is near Austin, but I go to college in Denton. That being said, if anyone is in the DFW area and wants to play Them's Fighting Herds, my club and I are doing a tournament on the 24th at the Business Leadership Building at UNT Denton in room 140 from 2-6, with practice and...
  11. CluelessDetective

    Them's Fightin' Herds Tournament at University of North Texas!

    On Saturday, March 24th, my club and I will be hosting a Them's Fightin' Herds Tournament at University of North Texas in Denton! All ages and the entry is free! It'll be a relatively lax and friendly tournament starting at 2PM at the Business Leadership Building, or BLB, in room 140. Depending...
  12. CluelessDetective

    Of Intros and Practice Mode

    That's probably it since that's what every FG does so you can start labbing. If there was an enable option that would be nice for those that want it but I don't know if it'll happen Lurk
  13. CluelessDetective

    Cerebrawl Needs Help Getting Funded!

    Yeah that's the same with me because 4 player Marvel sounds insane and I would love to play this with my fgc friends. For me the characters that are in the polls I want are V-Draken, Knife Squad, Goh, and maybe Amy. Though my favorite design in this game rn is without a doubt Operator 28, the...
  14. CluelessDetective

    Cerebrawl Needs Help Getting Funded!

    A fighting game recently got its Kickstarter cancelled for not reaching its goal but recently has opened up funding through Itch.Io and it needs help! It's called Cerebrawl and its a local/online 2V2 4 player fighting game in the vein of Marvel Vs Capcom and Street Fighter: Third Strike. You...
  15. CluelessDetective

    Popular YouTubers Playing?

    I think it's within a week or two typically, a month at the longest.
  16. CluelessDetective

    Oleander and Velvet a little OP?

    I'm maining Velvet right now and honestly I don't think she's OP, probably in the bottom 3 of the 6 if I'm being honest. I love playing her but when people get in and place you in the corner it's insanely hard to get out. The only to way to is being able to pushblock them far enough that you can...
  17. CluelessDetective

    So Oleander is a zoner

    I don't think of her as much of a zoner honestly. She can zone but she can also do upclose things decently. She reminds me of a Shoto character, like Ryu or Ken in Street Fighter who have a little bit of everything. Though if she actually is a zoner than whoops, but she just seems like a shoto...
  18. CluelessDetective

    It comes tomorrow! Who will be your first character?

    Smugdeer Kisaragi! I love everything about her that I've seen from her design voice and how she plays and I'm not too big into zoners but I really want to try her. I'll probs also have a side Ole so I have a character I know what I'm doing with since she seems relatively simple but I'm gonna try...
  19. CluelessDetective

    Palette Reference Guide

    If its Birds of Prey I'm gonna have to go with The Huntress because of the purple.
  20. CluelessDetective

    Palette Reference Guide

    Velvet does have reference colors, the one titled "640" is a reference to the deer Pokemon Virizion. Virizion (Pokémon) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia