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  1. King Of Town

    PS4 Controller Is Really Wonky

    My DS4 doesn't work at all without DS4Windows making it think it's a 360 controller.
  2. King Of Town

    144hz not working.

    • Description: When I set my screen to 144hz the frame rate is still capped at 60. I've disabled Vsync in AMD controller panel and I don't see a place to disable that in the game proper. My screen is set to 144hz. • Reproduction rate: 100%
  3. King Of Town

    PS4 Controller Is Really Wonky

    • Location of Bug: Controller Select • Description: The game recognizes my PS4 controller (using DS4 windows) just fine. Every button works in almost every menu and in game. The only issue is when you scroll over to select it in the controller menu. When I hit the mapped 'accept' button nothing...