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  1. What do you want from a Tutorial?

    The beginners would want to know how do we do those fast air specials and supers, how do we do the instant air dashes, and such. I mean the buffer techs we know so far. Should the tutorials teach you the TK, the IAD, the Kara Cancels, and such?
  2. The place to complain about things we love

    Well, Tian has a common problem with another character I adore so much, Taokaka. Both have almost similar gameplay, and both have low health, so it's no problem for me.
  3. [v0.7] Tutorials

    Hello, Found this game via . First time I watched it, I cried from the laughs. It's like the Little Pony FG. The guys, who were playing there, explained me about what they were and who they were. So I got this game via Steam. lmao I love its art, its comedy (Can't believe what Oleander called...