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  1. qspec

    Keep getting stunlocked against the wall, what do I do?

    Resets typically come at pretty reliable points in time too. You'll eventually just learn those once you know what you are looking for.
  2. qspec

    Opinions on current game balance?

    If it helps, you can magic teleport to punish our sky approach if it is telegraphed.
  3. qspec

    Opinions on current game balance?

    My thoughts on "balance": Caveat: I am a Tianhuo player which will almost certainly inform my decision. I am also using the term balance loosely because I am more speaking about my subjective experience playing the game. I also believe the game is so new that any real discussion of balance is...
  4. qspec

    Sharing Combo Trials Files!

    It will also note resets, so you can share set-ups.
  5. qspec

    The place to complain about things we love

    Is it just me, or does our move priority tend to be some of the worst in the game?
  6. qspec

    Which is better?

    That's not hitpad layout. The thumb controls the jump on hitpad (unless you rebind it).
  7. qspec

    Dragon Horse combos

    Big beefy combos are rad, but what are people doing for their bnb?
  8. qspec

    Hamit's Mechanics and Character Overview

    Just wanted to say that this is a lot better than I was expecting. I'm glad to see things like dizzy, scaling, etc.
  9. qspec

    Which is better?

    If you wanted to try and map to something similar to a hitbox, set Space as your jump/up button. It makes more sense than it seems once you use it.
  10. qspec

    Opinions on current game balance?

    A lot of moves beat the 6A for all of the characters. I find it is reliable enough, but it is far from an answer to every jump-in attempt.
  11. qspec

    how do you block paprikas zippy teleport?

    Shoryuken is undergoing maintenance. It was up yesterday, and I suspect it will be up again soon. Google "frame data guide" and you should find something.
  12. qspec

    What's your favorite move?

    Paprika's throw is adorable
  13. qspec

    Need Help With Supers

    Question: Are you hitting the button twice? Like [motion], [press button], [press button]? Because what you should be doing is hitting two buttons at the same time: [motion], [button + button]
  14. qspec

    How does I do Pixel Lobby

    It does
  15. qspec

    Which is better?

    The best part of the hitbox to me is how easy it makes things like KBD in Tekken or IAD in all games. My IAD is reasonably solid, but even trying it out on the keyboard, it feels half like cheating. That said, other motions I find more uncomfortable than using the stick. But like I said, it...
  16. qspec

    Is salt going to become permanent later on?

    Oh I didn't know there were cosmetics in the Salt Mines. Guess I've been unlucky. I only ever get food.
  17. qspec

    Is salt going to become permanent later on?

    Does salt do anything? I haven't played around too much, but I use it to get into the salt mines and there I get more salt. Is there a use for it now, or is it a future currency?
  18. qspec

    Which is better?

    Think a joystick blending with a keyboard. A little different since the thumb is jump whereas I think most keyboard players use 'w' for jump(?).
  19. qspec

    how do you block paprikas zippy teleport?

    No problem, that's a reference to framedata. Generally speaking, + means it is your turn and - means it isn't (or is even punishable). I am going to link something that will make it a lot more explicit, but as an example, let's say you block a move that is -12, that means you can punish it...
  20. qspec

    Which is better?

    Which ever you feel more comfortable on. There are great players that use every input method: stick, hitbox, controller, keyboard and piano. Seriously, this is 100% preference.