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  1. Kastor

    Best controller for game

    I use a razor wolverine. Expensive, but it's one of the few game pads with a d pad made of truely independent buttons. Plus other cool features. Not sure how long it will last though.
  2. Kastor

    9/25/18 - Candel's Thoughts on The Game's Balance, Important Features, and Community

    I'm going to add my two cents on balance. Let's talk for a moment about balance of power within a character. Not compared to other characters but within the character. Pom. Currently her dogs are real hard to use, there's a few great options in mama and chopper dog but otherwise they seem...
  3. Kastor

    It's like my fingers are made of lead

    Yeah it can be pretty hard to learn ffgs. I recently found out that a lot of players don't know how/don't want to go easy on new players. Suffice to say I was quite disappointed. Try to find a good teacher of you can. If you find yourself becoming unmotivated by that teachers advice/gameplay...
  4. Kastor

    I need help with Ari vs Tian

    Tian is actually one of my better Arizona matchups. First of, when she gives you the ground make use of it. Sprinting under her before she's ready to attack can really mess up her approch. But mainly, you need to learn Arizona's expansive reset game. Once you hit her she can't be allowed back...
  5. Kastor

    Level 3 supers?

    Even better, no up pan, just the top of the screen being illuminated by a off screen explosion. The move is too awesome to be shown. That's how Fast Blue Pone would have wanted it.
  6. Kastor

    I'm losing faith in this game.

    After some reflection, I'ma back out of this conversation, I'm obviously in the wrong. I'm coming across as insulting. Brutus's post is quite good. Give that a read.
  7. Kastor

    Arizona's Quarter circle D input is not as forgiving as the other quarter circle moves.

    Can confirm, all 3 of her quater/half circle magic moves have tight inputs. It's really hard to get them out when you need them, which sucks because they are all best used in situations of tight timing.
  8. Kastor

    An idea for puppies!

    I'm down for that, all the puppers need a name. it would look out of place though.
  9. Kastor

    I'm losing faith in this game.

    "Arizona has reset potential" That's putting it lightly. Stop focusing so much on long combos, Arizona is the reset queen. Two short combos do far more damage than a long combo. The reason the added the stagger change is to stop your specific playstyle, so work on a new one. Ari is still viable.
  10. Kastor

    Introduce yourself

    I've been here for a while now so this is overdue. I'm Kastor, THE MAD LAB COW! (I'm actually a "mad cow" irl, born in England, moved to New Zealand and now they wont let me give blood because of the massive outbreak that killed much of England's livestock can apparently be transmitted to...
  11. Kastor

    Predator mirror color palette

    That's... really cool. I hope they do more stuff with the predators as things go on.
  12. Kastor

    Quit to Desktop And Chat glitch

    Happy to help!
  13. Kastor

    Quit to Desktop And Chat glitch

    What full screen setting is your game on? Windowed boarderless is what you want for duel screen.
  14. Kastor

    Keybinding options (menu buttons bound to move buttons)

    This feature is on the roadmap.
  15. Kastor

    25% speed combo recording bug.

    Further information. It appears to be a difference between how the game and how the recording code handles slightly disjointed double button presses. When pressed perfectly together (like via a macro) the glitch disappears. However when one of your buttons is pressed slightly after the other the...
  16. Kastor

    25% speed combo recording bug.

    Sometimes when combo recording in slow speeds the you will input a trample-rebound correctly, but when you finish recording you find that it was not recorded correctly, either the trample was replaced by a headbuck or the rebound simply disappears. The combo in the image was played out a...
  17. Kastor

    Distinct Hitsparks for High/Low?

    Pffft hahaha. Not to mention colourful equine culture. Regardless of the move I do think they need to add that exclamation mark. That way people can figure it out.
  18. Kastor

    Distinct Hitsparks for High/Low?

    Paprika is inherently unreasonable. The character is designed to be meta and unpredictable. It's predictable that all overhead attacks have a high arc, so she had one that doesn't. It's overhead for a meta reason instead. This one attack embodies paprika perfectly.
  19. Kastor

    Anyone else wish Velvet's air attacks were more reliable?

    Ari is in a similar boat. Her jA and jB are more for short hop combos and interception and her jC is for cross ups and post stomp dunking. She can air combo and people do, but her ground combos offer more and have better DMG/JD. A bit off topic I know, I'm just pointing out there are two in...
  20. Kastor

    Distinct Hitsparks for High/Low?

    I think the lack of overheard movement is part of that moves core design. It's not a overhead attack because of a high swing, it's overhead because all tshirts are.