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  1. Kailoulou

    Crash Inducing Bug

    So I was recently in the pixel lobby having fights with a couple of my friends and then almost immediately we are greeted by this error message: (Image was from one of my friends who...
  2. Kailoulou

    Velvet Praising

    Can we truly praise Velvet for all her fluffiness? (I looked all over the forums and I couldn't find a place to find to ask this)
  3. Kailoulou

    Some Youtube Memetages?

    Much appreciated!
  4. Kailoulou

    Some Youtube Memetages?

    Rational thinking-- I like it. Velvet is now best waifu
  5. Kailoulou

    Some Youtube Memetages?

    Sunbottom Tyrant is best waifu. But out of the six in TFH, Velvet is best waifu hooves down
  6. Kailoulou

    Some Youtube Memetages?

    So recently, I've been playing TFH. I decided to record my experiences and then throw in some memes because why the heck not. I love the game and especially velvet (I mean it isn't like shes waifu number two and my main). I thought I would post my "memetage" on here. Any feebdack is much...