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  1. waspennator

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

    Looks like MVC:I failed to make it onto the main EVO roster.
  2. waspennator

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    Speaking about the extra characters after the Goat, will they be DLC or free?
  3. waspennator

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    I hope one of the new characters ends up being a predator.
  4. waspennator

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    Wait, why does the steam store page say February 2017?
  5. waspennator

    Status Update. Dec '17

    Least this game won't be swallowed up by the upcoming winter releases, I guess?
  6. waspennator

    Anti piracy measures?

    True, but is it really worth dedicating time to some kind of anti piracy stuff that's most likely gonna be seen a few times before pirates inevitably find a way around it? Not only that, but there can be moments when pirates can circumvent anti piracy stuff pretty quickly, considering Denuvo...
  7. waspennator

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Really likes Undead Unicorns.
  8. waspennator

    SUGGESTION: Huggin!

    Because it seems perfectly set up to allow players to use and abuse it, it's not like the Star Fox easter egg in Smash Bros where you can do it anywhere on the map away from other people. You have to physically touch up with your opponent if you want the easter egg to trigger.
  9. waspennator

    SUGGESTION: Huggin!

    As nice as this idea sounds, it's gonna get spoiled by the dicks who use the "Hugging" mechanic to bait people in for free easy combos.
  10. waspennator

    Anti piracy measures?

    I've got a big question for this, what should they do if the pirates somehow find a way to work around the anti piracy routine?
  11. waspennator

    Ideal DLC Character

    All character playstyles aside, i'd just like to see a villainous/antagonist character make it into the playable roster.
  12. waspennator

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Backers' Beta starts May 25

    Who here is in the "Didn't donate enough to make it into the beta" club?
  13. waspennator

    What would "ruin" Them Fightin' Herds for you?

    Didn't FNAF get a new game recently though?
  14. waspennator

    Things you hate in games you love

    Stealth sections in Metal Gear Revengeance, I know it's supposed to be a Metal Gear Solid game, but all it really does is make me wish I could get to the fighting parts more quickly.
  15. waspennator

    Can Fred be trusted?

    I'm betting ten bucks that Fred somehow ends up becoming the reason why the carnivores are invading Foenum
  16. waspennator

    Introduce yourself

    Waspennator here, i'm not very good at fighting games, but this seemed like a pretty fun game to back, especially with Lauren Faust on the team.