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    Beta's Absolutely Secret Worklog

    Little update on a trial I was just revising. Patch is almost ready to go out! Just getting in a bit more polish and debugging.
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    Beta's Absolutely Secret Worklog

    Workin' on getting tutorial mode out in an update soon! Visuals/text are WIP as usual. Most of the trials themselves are done. Just debugging them now.
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    Beta's Absolutely Secret Worklog

    If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
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    Beta's Absolutely Secret Worklog

    Not super sure where to post this, but I've been a little too lax about checking these forums. I'm most active on discord and I'm always taking active feebdack there! Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers I'm also working really hard to get a patch out right now.
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    AI option for dummy stops working after combo trials

    Checking into it
  6. beta

    Background Characters are Missing

    I believe I know whats causing this and I have a fix in the works
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    Chests in Salt Mines give an error?

    Saltmines getting a big rework soon. I'm taking a look at errors like these now.
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    Pom Intermediate 02 crash.

    Thank you, we're looking into it now.
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    Game crash during Pixel Lobby match

    Now THAT is a new type of crash I havent seen. Very helpful. Thank you. This might solve a lot of mysteries
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    Bug with items of a given type in salt mines

    If you could get a screenshot of this I'd appreciate it. I don't think I've seen this occur before. A video is even better.
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    Salt Mines Music Bug

    Saltmines gettin' a huge re-work. I'll take a look at this bug during that
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    Game switches controllers after beating an enemy in the Salt Mines.

    Hi. Saltmines are getting worked on again really soon and this is one of my high priority bugs for it. Thanks
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    Controller not responding in specific areas.

    Dang, good thing you found that one out. That's an odd situation... Is there anything else you need from me on the issue?
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    Game crash during Pixel Lobby match

    Given your card I suspect this might be something graphics related. Do you have a .mdmp file I can look at? Right click the game, properties, browse local files and there should be a .mdmp file sitting next to the game exe
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    144hz not working.

    It's technically not a bug... as much as I hate it. I want to uncap the fps limit but I would need to take a look at what issues it might cause as side effects. Also your avatar is %200 nostalgia bombing me right now.
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    Crashing Issues

    Can you post your DxDiag please? There could be a whole myriad of things causing this and the DxDiag can narrow it down
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    Controller not responding in specific areas.

    While I work on grabbing someone, here's some easy things to try (you may already have done a few): 1) computer restart (yeah I know "have you tried turning it off and on again" but it really does fix an amazing amount of problems) 2) Try deleting your save data. Just remove everything in...
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    Controller not responding in specific areas.

    My hands are a little bit tied at the moment, so I'm gonna see if I can get someone in this thread to help you out. In the meantime, I'll say that TFH should support pretty much every controller ever natively. Controller emulation software of any sort only seems to cause problems, so just make...
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    Pixel Lobby Server ReineCity

    we're working on getting other maps back yeah. We had to put that one down for the time being because it's just not... super presentable right now.
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    Fight emote "fist" does not fit with the theme.

    yeeeaaaahhhh, I agree the first doesn't fit. Basically, we just couldn't make anything equivalent with a hoof that would be recognized as an icon that would reasonably fit in that space. It's kind of a silly problem. A hoof looks like just a rectangle. Sword doesn't work. Maybe like a big VS...