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  1. SquiddyWiddy


    I still have my gamecube. The reset button is jammed though, so it's a pain to have to always restart a game if something goes wrong. As for games, I never had a really big library (as a kid, I wasn't much for collecting games, I just played what I had to the extreme), but I do have a few...
  2. SquiddyWiddy

    Friendliest Site I Have Ever Been On

    This community certainly has been pretty nice and interesting. I like how small it is the most. I really got to start posting on here often again. Once that first week passed, things really slowed down for me :( But yeah, I have a feeling the competitive side of everyone is truly gonna pop up...
  3. SquiddyWiddy

    Favorite Food?

    A good ol' chili cheese dog fills me up nicely for either lunch or dinner. They're really good :) I'm not much of a breakfest person, so I don't have any favorite morning meal for that time of day. It always seems like I'm in the minority when I say that to somebody.
  4. SquiddyWiddy

    Best Version Of Cave Story?

    I played the DSi version when it was still available on the 3DS eshop; it was pretty fun. From what I've heard though, CS+ is the best version of the game, though I haven't really gotten my hands on it. You might as well go with that version :)
  5. SquiddyWiddy

    WayForward Games

    The only Wayfoward game I've ever played is Mighty Switch Force. I've been meaning to try out one of the Shantae games for a while now, but I never get around to doing it. Especially since my game bucket list is already big enough as it is.
  6. SquiddyWiddy

    What would be your ideal roster size for TFH?'re right, too small. Make it 1000!
  7. SquiddyWiddy

    Velvet Faux 3D Spin

    The ice deer in all her grace. Looks cool :)
  8. SquiddyWiddy

    Youtube Channels You Currently Watch

    DarksydePhil. Screw everyone else, they're all phony. This is the realest guy on the internet. Screw all the haters, they're all morons, they're just jealous of his fame and authentic gameplay! (I hope you guys realize I'm not being serious XD)
  9. SquiddyWiddy

    What would be your ideal roster size for TFH?

    100 characters, all re-skins, and all extremely OP.
  10. SquiddyWiddy

    What is justice?

    Wow. This is probably one of the heaviest threads I've seen on here so far. Until we get the inevitable "Who you gonna vote for this election" thread.
  11. SquiddyWiddy

    Visual Novels

    Personally, the only visual novels I've played are Ace Attoerney (the first 2 games, 3rd to play soon) and the Zero Escpae series (again, first 2 games, and I'm planning on getting the 3rd one when it comes this summer). Aside from that, I've been considering getting Danganronpa for my pc when...
  12. SquiddyWiddy

    [FactionRP] Proud Nation of Velvetia [Velvet]

    Well....I do like that sound of- Oh screw you deer! You mangy pampered freaks! You deer are all alike. Lazy and selfish >:(
  13. SquiddyWiddy

    [FactionRP] Proud Nation of Velvetia [Velvet]

    Fair enough! I'll be Joe the Ice sprite. he's a nasty fellow though, so beware. You freakin' deers! Always making us do your hard work, lazy slobs! (blue text represents him)
  14. SquiddyWiddy

    The Legend Of Zelda: Bookworm Hoers Princess HD Remake

    I'm surprised the thread hasn't already been made. But then again, this forum has already surprised me in plenty of ways.
  15. SquiddyWiddy


    I'll probably end up seeing it anyways. The money-wise side of me usually tries to get the better of me when it comes to movies.
  16. SquiddyWiddy


    No doubt about it. Civil War is what I'm most excited about. I know a lot of people like to give Marvel flack for being too "silly", but after seeing The Winter Soldier, I have faith that Marvel can strike lightning twice with another Cap movie. Especially one as promising as Civil War.
  17. SquiddyWiddy

    Does anybody remember Def Jam?

    I've heard of this series, never played any game from it though. Always seemed a lot like Tekken to me.
  18. SquiddyWiddy


    The pirate inside of me is tempted to ask for a link, but...I will consider giving Hollywood it's money this one time. Trust me I wanna see the movie, but hey, gotta consider all of my options here.
  19. SquiddyWiddy

    [FactionRP] Proud Nation of Velvetia [Velvet]

    So is this a roleplay thread now? Er...what's the story?
  20. SquiddyWiddy

    Currently playing

    Jet Set Radio was free on Steam recently, so I got that one and a few other games and checked them out. It's actually really fun! I've still gotta finish it though.