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    Which is better?

    I first tried playing TFH on a keyboard, and I liked the feel of it, but without a proper gaming keyboard, it sometimes doesn't register all of my commands. In lieu of that, I've been sticking with a 360 controller. My only issue with a joystick is getting reliable diagonal inputs, but that's...
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    Tianhuo in-game visuals

    The only thing that sometimes sticks out to me is that the flame effects don't change to match alternate character palettes. I'm sure it'd be a pain to make it coordinate though, and I'm not complaining. It's just something I notice.
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    A Plea from a Keyboard Paprika player

    I had a similar issue starting out, but in my case it was trying to get Tianhuo to fly. For the longest time I'd end up doing a Firecracker instead because I also trying to advance or retreat. Just had to put in some time doing it deliberately for a while. It felt awkward and slowed my reactions...
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    Palette Reference Guide

    Velvet's "Below Zero" palette is Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat.
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    Ideal DLC Character

    Pretty sure they've said that Goat will have a story. Dunno about characters after Goat though.
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    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    I expect Paprika's story mode to include philosophical internal monologues of baby alligator-sized proportions.
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    TFHs D&D (5e) Campaign

    If you go looking for the website, just know that's it's called Roll20. OC refuses to correct himself. =p
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    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Lately I've been having trouble sticking with games for more than an hour each. Currently inching my way through Sonic Mania and Hiveswap: Act 1.
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    Quick question for the devs regarding letting a few Youtubers try the game.

    I'm assuming SBFP didn't back it since there are no Zubaz palettes. But I would love to see this in a Fisticuffs video.
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    Crowdfunded games

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    Question & Answer

    RED Favorite cartoon series from the last 10 years?
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    What shows are you curretly watching (TV/Webseries/Netflix/Hulu/Other Streaming Services)

    From what I've seen, that pretty well sums up all of the episodes.
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    What shows are you curretly watching (TV/Webseries/Netflix/Hulu/Other Streaming Services)

    Finally getting around to the original Twin Peaks series. Just watched the pilot so far.
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    Leathal League: Is It a Fighting Game?

    Perhaps "combat sport"? Trying to think of other examples of something like that, but I need to leave for work momentarily. I think there's a basketball fighting game from the 32-bit era. Can't remember the name though.
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    Friend of mine was able to get Articuno. I don't play GO though, so I didn't know about the event until it was nearly over.
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    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Started up Gravity Rush 2. I really enjoyed the first game, and I have high hopes for the sequel.
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    The Reason Behind Your Username

    I was in a group chat, and people got tired of typing out my full username to refer to me (StarstormVGN). They started calling me Stars instead, and it stuck. This was around 10+ years ago.
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    When you're laptop's battery has burned out...

    Seeing this a bit late, but it made me flash back to when my first laptop's battery died. Had to keep it plugged in to use it while I waited for the replacement, and I was in constant fear of the plug jiggling out of place (happened far too many times).
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    Pen & Paper and other Tabletop Games

    I do appreciate that you can now just do things that used to require feats, like two-weapon fighting and spring attack and especially weapon finesse.
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    Pen & Paper and other Tabletop Games

    I've finally been getting to play D&D for the first time over the past couple weeks (5th Edition). Helping a friend test out some homebrew stuff. It took a while to get used to the changes in 5e after becoming familiar with only 3.5, but overall I quite like it. Main thing that still throws me...