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  1. Jordan Jackson

    An Introduction to Character Archetypes & Playstyles

    I have a question. What's the purpose of a charge character? Couldn't you just have all the same moves on quarter circles and dragon punches?
  2. Jordan Jackson

    Cam's Notation and Input Primer

    This might be a bit off topic, but I didn't see a training or practice thread so I thought I'd just ask here. In Tekken (maybe not all of em, I think it mighta just been 5 or 6) when you're in the training room and you go to the command list and ask it to show you the move, it shows the command...
  3. Jordan Jackson

    The exponential function of music variations

    Yeah. I realized this too. Plus there the little jingles. Each character's intro dialogue jingle (which might change based on if you're P1 or P2 I'm not really sure) the round win jingles (which might change based on when in the song the round ends also not sure) and the match end jingles (which...
  4. Jordan Jackson

    Animal ideas for other fighting archetypes

    I just wanna play as The Blitz. (And maybe a white Unicorn.)
  5. Jordan Jackson

    BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

    I wonder if any Persona 3 characters will make the roster, given that there were P3 characters in Persona 4 Arena....
  6. Jordan Jackson

    Regarding Possible, Far Future, Post-Goat Characters

    So many drill horn attacks.
  7. Jordan Jackson

    Regarding Possible, Far Future, Post-Goat Characters

    Would you prefer characters with some sort of relation to the current cast (e.g. a white unicorn, The Blitz, Tex, a lone mom pup, the longma princess, etc.) or an entirely new character that has in no way even been mentioned up until now?
  8. Jordan Jackson

    Fighting Game Ideas?

    I'm not sure I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm recalling the trope in which two swordsmen run at eachother and attack eachother and then 2 seconds later you see one of them fall, but I don't think that's what you're talking about. Do you have any examples?
  9. Jordan Jackson

    Fighting Game Ideas?

    I had an idea for a fighting game concept (with absolutely no intention of bringing it to fruition) and wanted to share it as well as hear some of y'all's ideas. I was thinking of a 2D, tag team (2v2) fighting game where the team are all set, meaning you can't just pick any two characters...
  10. Jordan Jackson

    What Would Be Your Dream Crossover Fighting Game?

    I've always wanted a Soul Calibur vs Tekken game. Specifically, Soul Calibur III vs Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection. I like all the characters from both. But those two are my favorites. I also think it'it'd be cool to have some tekken tag in there, because I would love to play Amy and Lili or Law and...
  11. Jordan Jackson

    Ideal Character Voices

    I used to want Arizona to sound Hispanic, but ever since her Book of Lore...