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  1. Moonlit Stones

    NorCal and Bay area thread

    What part of the region are you from?
  2. Moonlit Stones

    TFH Offline Elo rankings

    I wish I was on that list...
  3. Moonlit Stones

    TFH will be at Youmacon 2019!

    Still waiting for something for the West Coast, like NorCal Regionals.
  4. Moonlit Stones

    Northern California Them's Fightin' Herds Club Facebook group

    I have created a Facebook group for folks who live in the Northern California and San Francisco Bay areas called the Northern California Them's Fightin' Herds Club. If any NorCal forum member wants to join, here is the link to the group: Log into Facebook | Facebook You may also find it in my...
  5. Moonlit Stones

    Plans for TFH at Combo Breaker 2020 (including community-funded international players)

    I wish I could go to Combo Breaker. If you guys could do something for players on the west coast of the United States, I will be on board.
  6. Moonlit Stones

    Custom Fightsticks

    This is one of my concepts for my own PXN fight stick featuring Tianhuo. I do not know the layout of my PXN, but it's a really nice concept. This one is for Oleander, and the one which I may use to customize my fight stick.
  7. Moonlit Stones

    Cam's Notation and Input Primer

    It looks like so much reading... I'll have to do it.
  8. Moonlit Stones

    NorCal and Bay area thread

    After seeing a lack of a thread for Northern California residents, I decided to make this thread so we can talk about stuff that is happening in our neck of the woods. So, where are my NorCal and Bay area peeps at?
  9. Moonlit Stones

    TFH Training Guild Discord

    Seems to be not as busy as before.
  10. Moonlit Stones

    West Coast Discord Server

    I don't think it's busy right now. I'm from the NorCal areas.
  11. Moonlit Stones

    Upcoming Stream: Sunday Stompin' #2

    How does one get to be in the big match on Sunday Stompin' anyway?
  12. Moonlit Stones

    Best controller for game

    I want to ask folks what controller is the best for this game. I am leaning towards an arcade stick, but what is your recommendation?
  13. Moonlit Stones

    BABSCon 2020

    I would like to try.
  14. Moonlit Stones

    New player.

    Hello. I am Moonlit Stones, and I am new to this game. I need a lot of practice, though,