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  1. CamTSB

    Velvet Statuette - Further Mold Revisions

    You will want to contact Gaming Generations themselves because they are the ones who will be fulfilling the orders.
  2. CamTSB

    Humble Bundle question

    Sorry if you're looking for a DRM-less version of the game. We require Steam servers to make sure multiplayer is possible, so that's not likely to happen any time soon, despite the passive-aggression from the anti-DRM crowd. It's just not feasible for the game.
  3. CamTSB

    Humble Bundle question

    The Humble Bundle version is just a Steam key.
  4. CamTSB

    Cannot launch the game successfully

    That is REALLY weird. I'm wondering if a windows update bodied you or a GPU driver got corrupted in the process. Hmm. Glad that it's sorted at the very least.
  5. CamTSB

    Cannot launch the game successfully

    Hmm. This is definitely extremely odd. The second screenshot screams that you don't have the right DirectX stuff installed since that'd be 9.0c, but you even mentioned the June 2010 stuff specifically and that's what it should be. This isn't a laptop so it's likely not anything to do with having...
  6. CamTSB

    Shanty tutorial mode not progressing

    Took note of this and hopefully will have it dealt with soon, thanks for the heads up. Luckily this isn't a complete softlock, as you can pause the game and choose "Next Section" to progress.
  7. CamTSB

    TFH Merch Suggestions

    Moving this thread to Fan Creations because any ideas or designs mentioned in here will be just that.
  8. CamTSB

    Should TFH have a color editor?

    This is where the main problem exists, and where our reasoning for not having a colour editor comes from. The people who backed the game paid for the ability to get their own in-game palette that all people could use and see. Taking that away and making it something that everyone has access to...
  9. CamTSB

    GeForce Experience supporting TFH? (Solved)

    While I generally agree with this, Shadowplay is usually a better option for people with lower-end rigs since OBS can be more of a CPU hog. Shadowplay has far less of an impact on actual game performance.
  10. CamTSB

    GeForce Experience supporting TFH? (Solved)

    Fantastic. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, we don't really got to control when and where GeForce Experience/Shadowplay will activate, so hopefully things stay functional for you
  11. CamTSB

    GeForce Experience supporting TFH? (Solved)

    In Steam, right click on TFH in your library, and choose "Properties". At the bottom of that main window that comes up is the button "Set Launch Options..." and when you click that it has a place for you to put the startup flag for it. That's where you'd put in "-allow-exclusive-fullscreen"...
  12. CamTSB

    GeForce Experience supporting TFH? (Solved)

    Specifically, the main way people got it to recognize the game was using exclusive fullscreen. If you're just on normall Fullscreen in your settings, that's Borderless Fullscreen. You can try setting to Exclusive, and see if that changes anything, but if you're already on exclusive fullscreen I...
  13. CamTSB

    Steam Version Refuses to Start

    Glad to hear it!
  14. CamTSB

    Steam Version Refuses to Start

    Okay with that out of the way, the other options look to me like you're either missing the correct DirectX version, or your video card drivers need to be updated, something of that sort. Both of those error prompts seem to lead back to that specifically. This link should get the correct DirectX...
  15. CamTSB

    Steam Version Refuses to Start

    First thing I'd recommend is this: This is the version of the Visual Studio C++ redistributable file we use. Steam is supposed to have that installed for you, but sometimes doesn't, and sometimes windows messes with it if you've already got it...
  16. CamTSB

    During combo training, AI continues to block first attack after combo is auto-restarted

    Because you're attacking so quickly after the delay, you aren't giving the dummy enough time to come out of that blocking state. The first hit is being blocked because the time it takes to reset back to neutral has not passed. That's a hard number, an actual amount of time, not a state reset...
  17. CamTSB

    "Press any key" fades to black

    First thing to try, go to your windows settings option of "Change the size of Text, Apps, and Other items". Scroll down to where it says "Scale and Layout" and make sure that dropdown menu is set to 100%. Then try running the game again.
  18. CamTSB

    Official Discord Server

    The Discord link is absolutely working, it directs to our Discord Partner-specific invite page.
  19. CamTSB

    TFH is big in Japan...

    Unfortunately, this is Chinese, not Japanese. Still very cool that they enjoy it! As a side note, we do have a pretty good amount of players in Japan that I know of! Hopefully the next time I'm back there I can hang out with some of them.
  20. CamTSB

    6th collectable in Reine doesn't drop in story mode [patch 1.02]

    Yeah, it was likely tied to the save file at that point in time, glad it's all sorted.