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  1. FlutterTal

    Another OC in the community - Tempete

    Okay: next part, his air attacks Light air attack AIR:A: He uses in fact his two hooves to make a double attack, a bit like Paprika Medium air attack AIR:B: He forms his sand ball by shrinking his diameter, then make it disappear Heavy air attack AIR:C: Yeah, that's a sand punch...
  2. FlutterTal

    Them's Fightin' French Tournament

    Hello everyone! And yeah, as you probably guessed, I'm organizing my first tournament. More precisely, a tournament for french-speaking people (not only people from France). So, why only french-speaking people? Simply because I don't feel ready yet to organize an international tournament. Maybe...
  3. FlutterTal

    Another OC in the community - Tempete

    Thank you for your comments! Now that I finished the drawings of some attacks, here's what it looks like. Light attack :A: A simple hoof hit Medium attack :B: He shakes his head downward, using his horns to attack Heavy attack :C: No that's not a sand tornado, simply a patch of sand...
  4. FlutterTal

    Another OC in the community - Tempete

    Hi guys! I know somebody has already introduced their OCs, and that's why I wanted to share mine. And here it is, say hello to Tempete. He's a Thomson's gazelle who use sand and his horns to attack. Speaking of attacks, I'm going to present them to you in the future posts. So stay tuned! ^^
  5. FlutterTal

    Share your Velvet Combos

    There is an easiest way to share combos ^^' Sharing Combo Trials Files!
  6. FlutterTal


    Error 404, no winner found: Put your opponent knocked-out while being knocked-out.
  7. FlutterTal

    Sharing Combo Trials Files!

    Another combo with Paprika (again). This one is a bit easier. ^^
  8. FlutterTal


    Is your move really useful?: Use a super when the opponent is knocked-out and question this action.
  9. FlutterTal

    Player balancing in Pixel Lobby

    That would be interesting if we can know if the player we're confronting is at the same level. Because I saw some players beating me while I wasn't even ready (really unfair). And on the opposite side, I saw some players that are too easy to beat. In my opinion, the number of wins is...
  10. FlutterTal

    Sharing Combo Trials Files!

    Here's a combo for Paprika that took me hours! ^^' EDIT: As the last EA update broke my combo, I had to update it
  11. FlutterTal

    Join the cow herd

    One of us! One of us!
  12. FlutterTal

    Can Paprika talk?

    I don't think Paprika is mute, otherwise she won't even be able to, at least, laugh. I also don't know if it's true, but I think laughing is now her own way to "speak". Well I confess there are some laughs she makes which isn't really reassuring (in my opinion).
  13. FlutterTal

    Do you touch the cow?

    Touching the cow is prohibited by the law of Foenum, I paid the price.
  14. FlutterTal

    Introduce yourself

    Hi! My name's Taliesin, and I'm a french person. I heard about TFH when I was in high school, but after being disapointed about Lawyer Friendly Equines the Movie (that wasn't so good), I decided to be fully part of the TFH community (let's call it TFHerds, shall we? ^^'). Also I'm planning to have the game day 1...
  15. FlutterTal

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    Oh god, Tara Strong as Arizona! Can I have the game just to listen to the voices? :arisilly: