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  1. Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    Oh man, I'm already curious what the goat will be like.
  2. Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    Now, once that patch is done there are story mode and the salt mines remaster. Is there anything else left in planning?
  3. Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    You know, cardboard versions of the main characters might be a fun idea for an alternate skin. Maybe one where everything is entirely made of cardboard. Granted, I think those skins should be unavailable in matchmaking since it would be pretty hard to read wtf they are doing but for Arcade or...
  4. Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    Aw yeah, exactly the kind of progress report I have been waiting for.
  5. TFH: Situation Update

    Even if most of the active community is on Discord, the devs need to be more active on the official forums. This is the first place people will look for information about the game and if they see an inactive community and months since the last developer post they are gonna think the game is dead.
  6. Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    Now that I love to hear. Hope everything goes smoothly now. Edit: On reflection, there is one thing I would like to add. Improving the game is always good but please resist the temptation to overdo it. Nothing kills ambitious projects like starting new every time an opportunity for improvement...
  7. Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    Looking good. By the way, I'm not sure if it has been stated somewhere before but since Arizonas story was supposed to come out February before issues hit, are you now trying to get the story mode released whole or will we still get it in episodic format?
  8. What should be everyones outro animation?

    Like the title says, write what you would like to see for outro animations. Arizona: What I could see is her casually laying on her back with a satisfied grin on her face while looking to her defeated opponent. Velvet: She already has one. Tianhuo: Given that she is actually very respectful...
  9. TFH: Situation Update

    Sounds like the rl issues are some supremely nasty stuff. Hope the team members missing can resolve this soon and the Pixel Artists you decided to hire finally answer. The stuff that's coming looks so sweet I can't wait.
  10. Toughest character and most fun character for you to fight against

    For me the toughest would be Oleander, since she has great zoning capabilities and her normals have such huge range. The most fun for me is Paprika.
  11. Beta's Absolutely Secret Worklog

    Oh man, it feels so good getting updates on the games status.
  12. TFH at Combo Breaker 2018 [UPDATED - Side Tourney Application Accepted]

    Is there any particular reason why he was so against the game? Banning someone just for mentioning it sounds way too unreasonable.
  13. Level 3 supers?

    For Oleander, how about this: Fred grabs the opponent and stuffs them into his book. You see them in a dark void and Freds head appears in the background. Then it cuts to outside where Oleander is sipping some tea or filing her hooves while the book is wildly thrashing around before spitting out...
  14. Age of the cast

    Huh, strange. I was pretty sure Pom would be the youngest of the cast. But the info on Oleander is interesting. Despite being 26/27 she is still not finished with puberty. This could, if the rate of maturing is relatively the same, mean that unicorns live roughly twice as long as humans.
  15. Age of the cast

    It has already been said that Arizona is one year old and that cows in Foenum age the same as real cows. So how old would the rest of the cast be? Assuming that the rest of the cast also ages and lives as long as their real life counterpart, there are some estimates that can be made. Reindeer...
  16. Discussion: Iconography

    In the background of Velvets stage you can see a ship with a snowflake on the sail. Maybe the reindeer use the snowflake as their icon.
  17. sad unicorn horse

    Already wondering how her story mode turns out. Her quotes so far are pretty cocky but I'm sure spending years as an outsider among her kind will leave some traces.
  18. Best Skin

    It's her greatest and most powerful skin of course.
  19. About the Announcer

    Personally I like the announcer. And while others said she sounds uninterested, I don't feel like she sounds apathetic.
  20. Wild Mass Guessing

    Since theorizing and speculating is fun, I'd thought I open up a general thread for all your headcanons, theories and predictions. Here's something to start with: Dark magic used to be common: One theory of mine regarding Fred is that he was once sort of a teacher for dark arts among unicorns...