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  1. Mane6Dev

    Patch Notes - Version 3.1.0

    Patch Notes - Version 3.1.0 Hey everyone! Patch 3.1 brings some increased stability and additional balance changes in a first wave of multiple updates we're planning as a followup to the 3.0 release. Version 3.0 came out underdone. Not all of the balance adjustments we had originally intended...
  2. Mane6Dev

    New Merch Products for Sale

    Hey everyone! We've got some new merch available in the official online store. Those of you who stopped by our booth at Combo Breaker this year have already seen our initial debut of these items, and now they can be purchased online! All artwork done by the illustrious Lindsay, lead artist here...
  3. Mane6Dev

    Hotfix - Netcode Stability

    In this update, we've reverted a portion of the new netcode introduced in 3.0 (which prepares for console crossplay). This should fix many of the disconnects and stability issues players have been experiencing online. We'll continue to develop the new netcode and rerelease the console crossplay...
  4. Mane6Dev

    Hotpatch - Netcode Logging

    We are aware of the online connection quality issues players have been experiencing since the 3.0 update. This is due to the major backend overhaul performed in preparation for console crossplay and it seems there are still kinks to work out! Several micro-updates have been pushed between now...
  5. Mane6Dev

    Hotpatch - Version 3.0.2

    Hotpatch - Version 3.0.2 This patch contain a number of bugfixes that smooth out some of the rough edges introduced in the 3.0.0 update. Story Mode Fixed boss Oleander's scrambled palette. Fixed boss Fred turning invisible during certain attacks during phase 3 of the Oleander boss fight...
  6. Mane6Dev

    Hotpatch - Version 3.0.1

    The 3.0.1 hotpatch contains only one fix: Pixel Lobby Salt earned prior to the 3.0 update has been readded to players' accounts. That is all for today.
  7. Mane6Dev

    Patch Notes - Version 3.0.0

    Patch Notes - Version 3.0.0 Version 3.0 Is Here! At long last, cinematic level 3 supers, a new universal mechanic and flagship feature of 3.0, has been released to the wild, completing the moveset for each character. They have admittedly taken a long time and great effort to produce, but they...
  8. Mane6Dev

    Lunar New Year Event Ends - Version 2.3.1

    Lunar New Year Event Ends - Version 2.3.1 Our first Lunar New Year event has come to a close. All Pixel Lobby maps have been reverted to their normal appearance, and the new seasonal items catalog has gone in with the regular shop rotation. Thanks to everyone who played during the event! We've...
  9. Mane6Dev

    Lunar New Year Update - Version 2.3.0

    Lunar New Year Update - Version 2.3.0 Lunar New Year Event Introducing our first Lunar New Year celebration update! In this patch we're releasing a variant of Tianhuo's stage called Spring Festival. For the Pixel Lobby, new seasonal accessories are available and each map has been decorated...
  10. Mane6Dev

    Holiday Event Begins - Version 2.2.2

    Winter Holidays 2021 - Version 2.2.2 'Tis the season! From now until Jan 5th, we're running our annual Winter Holiday Event in the Pixel Lobby. There are new seasonal-themed accessories available, and during the event they'll be the focus of Cap 'n Cash's shop rotation. Afterwards they'll go...
  11. Mane6Dev

    Patch Notes - Version 2.2.1

    Patch Notes - Version 2.2.1 Zombie Palette Pack The Zombie Palette Pack DLC is now available for purchase! This pack instantly unlocks Zombie palettes for each character, current and future. Purchase link: Them's Fightin' Herds - Zombie Palette Pack on Steam This palette set was originally...
  12. Mane6Dev

    Patch Notes - Version 2.2.0

    Patch Notes - Version 2.2.0 Exciting news! The Mac port beta is now available! In addition, we've got some small Pixel Lobby fixes, hawk adjustments, and proper notes for an intended but undocumented Velvet change that accidently slipped out under the radar in the last update. Reminder that...
  13. Mane6Dev

    Halloween Event Begins - Version 2.1.6

    Halloween Event 2021 Thur Oct 21st - Tues Nov 2nd All Pixel Lobby maps have updated appearances and ambience for spooky season! New Halloween-themed accessories are available at Cap'n'Cash's on rotation during the event, including zombie masks for all characters! The new items can also be...
  14. Mane6Dev

    Grand Stampede Match Analysis Stream

    We're inviting Grunkle Barlowe and Javamorris on for a Grand Stampede Match Analysis Stream, featuring replays from select, exciting games played off-camera during the tournament. Covering sets from: ~Top 16 Losers~ Dalone vs Solarnia Zale vs Umbra E199 vs Slaycrol ~Pools~ Dog vs Oscar Dem vs...
  15. Mane6Dev

    Patch Notes - Version 2.1.5

    Patch Notes - Version 2.1.5 This small update adds Steam Cloud support and fixes a few minor issues. NOTICE: Private server hosts should update their servers! Steam Cloud Support TFH now supports Steam Cloud! If enabled, it will save your Gameplay options, Training Mode options, and Story...
  16. Mane6Dev

    Grand Stampede 2021

    Grand Stampede, the summit international online tournament event for Them's Fightin' Herds, will take place on Aug 28, starting at 11am PDT. Registration is free and open until Wednesday, Aug 25. Add your name to the bracket on smash.gg here. Everyone within an eligible region (see smash.gg...
  17. Mane6Dev

    Patch Notes - Version 2.1.4

    Patch Notes - Version 2.1.4 This update contains a few small bugfixes here and there, just some stuff we're working on in the background while progress on level 3 supers continues! Pixel Lobby The game now displays a message during the post-match experience screen if it failed to connect to...
  18. Mane6Dev

    Patch Notes - Version 2.1.3

    Patch Notes - Version 2.1.3 64-Bit Update TFH on Windows has been upgraded to a 64-bit application (the Linux version already enjoys 64-bit goodness). As a result, the game should now be more stable. Developer's Notes: The primary reason for this upgrade is stability. With the 1080p update...
  19. Mane6Dev

    Patch Notes - Version 2.1.2

    Patch Notes - Version 2.1.2 This update addresses a few bugs introduced in the last update and adds some small but important Pixel Lobby quality of life changes we've been meaning to get to for awhile! Servers hosts will be required to update, and despite there not being any gameplay changes...
  20. Mane6Dev

    Lindsay's Art Stream #7 - Tomorrow!

    Lindsay's Art Stream #7 Announcement! We're doing a casual Mane6 art stream tomorrow (Friday the 18th) at our usual time: 3pm PT on our Twitch Channel (twitch.tv/mane6dev). The topic of this stream will be: Stronghoof Hoofstrong, the illustrious Jarl of Reine City (and Velvet's embarrassing...