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  1. Silver Storm (Sep)

    "The Glue Factory"? Really Mane6?

    Was on the "Let's Create A Character!" thread, when I suggested a Zebra fighter in reference to the best novel ever: Ha, can't CENSOR IMAGES, *atleast not systematically plz no censor plz* But here's what my censored post actually said: tsk tsk censorship the common denomination of communism...
  2. Silver Storm (Sep)

    Let's Create A Character! [GRIFFIN FACE PAINT]

    We obviously need a Zebra that give off them Fallout: The Glue Factory vibes, y' know?
  3. Silver Storm (Sep)

    6B hitbox improved, cool. Can we fix JC?

    I've been playing Arizona since release. There are a lot of things wrong with her hitboxes sometimes. The most glaring one that messes me and most other Ari's that I fight, is the JC. It is clearly intended to be used to as a crossover or a way to hit people who are low-blocking. Ironically...
  4. Silver Storm (Sep)

    sad unicorn horse

    *insert sad and depressing backstory about giving up family and friends to sign a contract with a demon to beat up cows and reindeer to save the world or something* *sorry for the darkness and tiny circle and text in bottom right, was taken when a stream I was watching froze
  5. Silver Storm (Sep)

    Online... Matchmaking?

    So, as I assume all of you are aware that right now there ISN'T online matchmaking in the game. BUT! it's still on the forums and where this post lies. This raises two questions. 1. Why is this section here? 2. Why didn't I post this in general? Well to answer both questions, it is simply...
  6. Silver Storm (Sep)

    An Arizona Animation Cancel to Blow Everyone Away

    So, while experimenting, I found this SICC animation cancel that is probably the most useful tool for every Arizona player. Here it is: Enjoy! How to do it: Do Arizona's 22C, then before you hit the ground do your super. Does not work if you dont cancel the startup of 22C. (so if you hit the...
  7. Silver Storm (Sep)

    Cannot Leave Training While Spectating

    I was going to watch two good players fight, but they did a training session. I am trying to leave it, but the usual way you leave isn't working, (press heavy a few times) and the advertised way to end the training (heavy + magic + start) doesn't work for spectators Location: Pixel Lobby...
  8. Silver Storm (Sep)

    Wow! These news skins are creepy.

    I don't know about you guys, but when I fought people during the first few hours of EA Patch 5, I got to see some of the new upcoming skins! Possessed Paprika: Neon Leggings Arizona: Sick Skins! Ps. These aren't actually new skins, but rather a texture bug. Although "Neon Leggings...