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  1. gatorafan

    Development Update - September 3, 2019

    I'm kinda curious as to what the "fighting game"/"whatever genre pixel lobby is" ratio will be after this update. I always assumed it'd be more like a 65/35 split and that's accounting all the story mode stuff that would happen in pixel world. Not saying that's a negative tho. Just a question...
  2. gatorafan


    Gen 3 I believe, which only got fixed with Emerald.
  3. gatorafan

    Development Update - June 12, 2019

    Huh. I actually didn't expect the VODs to show up anyway since they have that very distinct climate of that arcade hidden on a dark, damp alley that had the hacked version of KOF2002 that let you play as Rugal rather than anything "professional" or "family friendly". Nice to see there was an...
  4. gatorafan


    Note that what little we've seen in the Direct and Treehouse gives even more credibility to the leak. I'll spoil exactly what for those who don't want to know. If this is true then I'm pretty happy about it because the things the leak mention address one of my complaints I posted a little...
  5. gatorafan


    I mean, mechanically wise it sounds great. It unlocks different moves for Pokemons and battling against this souped up versions of regular Pokes sounds like a lot of fun, at first glance it looks like a genuine evolution (lolololololol) of both the Mega and Totem systems of previous gens. But...
  6. gatorafan

    Announcement: We're going to Dreamhack Dallas!

    >From Combo Breaker to Dreamhack in 5 days, probably less considering the prep time for the events. Are you guys sleeping? Blink twice if you need help.
  7. gatorafan

    Announcement: COMBOBREAKER 2019

    STREAM! STREAM! STREAM! STREAM! Of a tournament if possible, now that Under Night is (possibly?) going mainstream we must take its spot on the tournament's bathrooms! \o/
  8. gatorafan

    Development Update - March 29, 2019

    So out of curiosity, are we still getting the post patch stream around this week or the fact that you guys didn't manage to get the AI to stop trying to take over also pushed the show a few days back until the new lobbies show up?
  9. gatorafan

    Development Update - March 29, 2019

    Huh, I just assumed the post patch stream was this month's stream. Anyway, thanks for the update. At this point (with all the side content we are getting for free) we might as well call this game an Fighting Looter with a versus mode. :v
  10. gatorafan

    Mane6 Work Stream #19 - Thurs 2/28/19 3pm PT

    I like how Fred having money on his tendrils symbolizes the love and support backers have gave to this title because that's totally what it means. Right?
  11. gatorafan

    Backer Reward Status

    No I didn't. For reals, I'm pretty sure all you mentioned on the forums was "Real Life", and we decided to not pry further into it (because it wasn't in our place to do so). Anyway, nice to see the soundtrack is coming with 1.0. It's pretty much when I expected it to be available.
  12. gatorafan

    Nappy's Whenever, Wherever Worklog

    I didn't know Rich Homie Quan played this game. So if I'm reading this post right next patch is going to be a bunch of animations and dialogue (with more coming later) + Predators 2.0 (now even hungrier) with Matchmaking update coming up next, right?
  13. gatorafan

    TFH: Situation Update

    I can hear it. Well, in defense of the guys, this was said before the first public release, and one could say it wasn't supposed to hold true after it. Also, I'm pretty sure that most of the active community moved to a Disqord server and that the team is still talking to everyone over there...
  14. gatorafan

    Let's Create A Character! [GRIFFIN FACE PAINT]

    I'm voting for camel, because I can't come up with anything cool a camel would do but I want to, so I just felt like leaving that burden up to you guys if it ever wins. And off I GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....
  15. gatorafan

    About the Announcer

    I don't feel like you guys quite nailed that, she should sound even MORE disinterested if that were the case and should have more quotes regarding this side of her personality. So far it just sounds like a motherly lady treating everyone like her kids (more like encouraging them). Also, maybe...
  16. gatorafan

    Popular YouTubers Playing?

    Is there any reason why Zito stopped doing Bargain Barrel streams (and turned them into this Schrodinger ones)? While it was pretty fun to watch it play, I feel the more persons on a couch playing the better for a fighting game (also, we can avoid situations like that lag zone).
  17. gatorafan

    The future of TFH

    Make it a kart racer.
  18. gatorafan

    TFH Early Access - Dev Tasklist

    I'd assume way up since that would be included in "character art".
  19. gatorafan

    Popular YouTubers Playing?

    It's funny that I'm subbed to his channel but he always streams so late for me (I wish I was still young and could keep myself awake till 5AM *old man grumbles*). Welp, the archive it is!
  20. gatorafan

    Fightin' Foenatics Weekly Streams

    That sounds like a great problem to have. On that note, I saw no mention of the stream on the Steam forums so maybe once you sorted out the spacing problems you can also announce your streams there? I could do it for you if it is too much trouble tho (granted that I don't forget about it...