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  1. Silver Lining

    Tabletop Gaming

    Who else enjoys tabletop RPGs? Personally, I've played mostly with modified 3.5 systems (Star Wars, Pathfinder) with a bit of dabbling in Fate, Ubiquity, Savage Worlds and Anima. Recently picked up 13th Age, I love how it's designed. Ooh, and also card games. MTG decks? Best CAH plays? Plenty...
  2. Silver Lining

    If there were Friendship finishers in TFH (like Mortal Kombat)

    What do you think your favorite character would do? Or, if you're one of those mad creative types, what would they all do? I was hit by this thought, but I still can't come up with my own answer to it. EDIT Oleander and FHTNG could do shadow puppetry. That would be pretty cool.