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  1. Ferettoko

    Art by ferettoko

    I waited to post this until the game released! Must have finished it and continued to add to it like 3 times I think...happy with the detail I ended up with. Don't know why the transparent background uploads as white tho. Shame. Still...! Enjoy. Partway considering making it a avatar pic.
  2. Ferettoko

    Detective Pikachu Chat *spoilers warning*

    Apparently in the recent concept art reveal they could have been smaller. I prefer this scale a bit more honestly. Recent art also revealed a potential Pokemon museum scene that would have been cool to see! I don't know how to attach those however *something to do with allowing an extension...
  3. Ferettoko

    Detective Pikachu Chat *spoilers warning*

    So wasn't sure if this went in Off Topic or Gaming but here it is! The discussion space for Detective Pikachu that just came out! I was able to see an early screening on the 9th with my sister. We had a great time (tho I lost the promotional Pokemon cards at a Chik-fila right after...so I saw...
  4. Ferettoko

    Feb 22 - Still release // Unexpected change of plans

    Still excited! Hope that ya'll can have smooth sailing from here on. ( must be stressing ) It tickles me a little that the news started with bad news first, dev's after my own heart! Hopefully it won't have a large effect on outside reception.
  5. Ferettoko

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    "HATE'S GREAT, BEST VILLIAN!" ( ah. that show should've gotten a season 3...poor Craig )
  6. Ferettoko

    Them's Fightin' Herds Release Date Announced

    I hope that the game gets a lot of good YouTube traction! ( I will definitely watch Two Best Friends play it at least ) ^-^
  7. Ferettoko


    I'm comfortable with Eliza, who I may partner with Robo-Fortune once in a while. Not sure why I like them. ^-^; Still working on memorizing them. (I wonder if Tianhuo will play similar to Eliza...)
  8. Ferettoko

    Nintendo General

    Never posted in this thread before but I'd thought I'd let you guys know... Nintendo tweeted NX preview tomorrow (Oct. 20) 7am pacific/10 am eastern time! Might wanna unsubscribe from game news to avoid spoilers.
  9. Ferettoko


    Even though typings don't matter, I'm glad that there is a bug now for variety's sake.
  10. Ferettoko

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse

    Hm... that's true, but this isn't exactly the first game with main characters of different sexes...Or they coulda tried avoided using them possibly...? Hm...I'm trying to remeber which scene it is exactly, but I remember that it was later in the game by the Supreme Kai of Time. I think during...
  11. Ferettoko


    True it has been a while...
  12. Ferettoko

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse

    Ah, yes. I know all about that and have heard that reasoning. I still find multiple issues with it however. :/ Its certainly not the developer Dimps and publisher Bandai Namco's first Japanese game to be released to the west(they did Street Fighter IV and the Sonic Rush games DS for example)...
  13. Ferettoko


    Anybody excited for whatever will be added after Darkrai?
  14. Ferettoko

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse

    I have the game and I enjoy it. It has a heavy need for polish though...such as for the entire story mode your female avatar(if you made on of course) is referred to as male except for one instance. Pretty lazy this day and age. (and the one instance of accuracy makes it weirder) I really...
  15. Ferettoko

    Advice? Joining Women's Lacrosse? (Resolved)

    Oh the wlax team is club not varsity.
  16. Ferettoko

    Advice? Joining Women's Lacrosse? (Resolved)

    I mean, I've sorta looked into others but I haven't met with them and they all coincidentally cut into a class... :T
  17. Ferettoko

    Advice? Joining Women's Lacrosse? (Resolved)

    So I'm considering joining my college's women's lacrosse team but I'm super unsure if I should do so, or simply wait until the senior year. It would be nice getting into shape and trying a team sport to better myself or whatever but it would suck to buy equipment and end up not liking it...The...
  18. Ferettoko

    Diginet: The Digimon Discussion Thread

    Prodigious! ;P
  19. Ferettoko

    The Reason Behind Your Username

    Heheh glad it amused, I am, I am! :3
  20. Ferettoko

    The Reason Behind Your Username

    Well, Ferettoko is Ferret( Feretto in Japanese) +Child(toko in Japanese). As a younger-en', I read a little bit of a manga called Peach Fuzz. Kind of like Hamtaro for Ferrets but the main Ferret was sorta delusional and thought it was some grand warrior princess and the child owners' hand was a...