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    2.1.6 (10.21.2021)

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  1. Predator lore headcannon 05/08/2019 may as well date it

    Huh, for a moment, I thought these are official Predator lores from the game.
  2. The new pixle lobbies

    It's out now? Awesome!
  3. Stream Today, and Patch News

    If Paprika, Arizona, and Velvet's stages are all that much trouble, I can imagine how much work will be put for Tianhuo's, Pom's, and even Oleander's stage. Not to mention the goat DLC character.
  4. Stream Today, and Patch News

    Guess the new pixel lobbies will wait for another time then? Because I checked the game today, and still nothing.
  5. No HUD in the tutorials

    By chance, can you explain why my progress in the Target and Tutorial Modes are always erased whenever I start the game?