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  1. CountParadox

    The Legend Of Zelda: Bookworm Hoers Princess HD Remake

    I'm actually a bit surprised that nobody has put up anything about this yet. Is no one excited for it? I mean, this game, the original one on GameCube, is my all time favorite game, so I'm definitely excited that it's getting the Wind Waker treatment on Wii U. Is anyone else excited? And has...
  2. CountParadox

    Stella Glow

    Has anyone else got this game? I recently downloaded it, and I have to say, it's quickly becoming one of my all time favorite games!
  3. CountParadox

    Worst Gaming Rages You've Ever Had

    We all know it happens. Something in a game just gets to you, and you very nearly throw the controller (system, tower) out of a window. This is just a thread for those stories of rage against the games. Go ahead and tell us your story. To start, I'll tell my worst rage. I had been playing...