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  1. Protect Your Joules

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    I guess we all know why Arizona is Strong now.:arigrin:
  2. Protect Your Joules

    Mane6 Work Stream #13

    why isn't there mistletoe? Paprika demands kisses
  3. Protect Your Joules

    Implications of Oleander's Extra Eyes

    anyone noticed that when creating the energy orb traps the book is sucking oleander's dark essence?
  4. Protect Your Joules

    Them's fightin' herds IRL

    i found Pom vs Arizona irl
  5. Protect Your Joules

    Story Mode

    Showing value in the lore is one thing, implementing the lore into the game is another. Lauren can continue to write lore, but they might not be put directly into the game. I'm reminded of how Destiny did it, with an external source of lore independent of the game, while not putting as much of...
  6. Protect Your Joules

    Predator Markings

    it's the influence of The Devourer that's seeking to control those of predatory decent. Watch the storylines of Pom and Tianhuo wrestle with this aspect.
  7. Protect Your Joules

    Story Mode

    we needn't look further than Skullgirls to know how the story mode of TFH is going to turn out. The amount of effort needed to make the actual fighting part of the game will always take precedence. The story will consist of a brief prologue then a set number of matches against the other...
  8. Protect Your Joules

    Mane6 Work Stream #3

    so what exactly is the art used here? Velvet in a sleigh being carried by a pack of overworked, under appreciated sprites?
  9. Protect Your Joules

    If there were Friendship finishers in TFH (like Mortal Kombat)

    Arizona would do some lasso tricks Pom would have her dog(s) do flips like those flipping dog toys Velvet would make a snow reindeer Paprika would crochet a sweater from her own fur to give Oleander would dance (badly) along with Fred Tianhuo would make tea by playing a kettle on her head to heat
  10. Protect Your Joules

    So how exactly would Paprika fight?

    what if she throws (sneezes) fleece and has her magic depletes, she has balding spots until she looks like a poodle?