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  1. Ferettoko

    Detective Pikachu Chat *spoilers warning*

    So wasn't sure if this went in Off Topic or Gaming but here it is! The discussion space for Detective Pikachu that just came out! I was able to see an early screening on the 9th with my sister. We had a great time (tho I lost the promotional Pokemon cards at a Chik-fila right after...so I saw...
  2. Ferettoko

    Advice? Joining Women's Lacrosse? (Resolved)

    So I'm considering joining my college's women's lacrosse team but I'm super unsure if I should do so, or simply wait until the senior year. It would be nice getting into shape and trying a team sport to better myself or whatever but it would suck to buy equipment and end up not liking it...The...
  3. Ferettoko

    Diginet: The Digimon Discussion Thread

    This is a thread to talk about digimon, the games, the shows etc! What's your favorite season? Who's your favorite digimon? Which digimon or crest that most suits you? What digimon games are coming up? Post fanart too, digimon related go for it. :3
  4. Ferettoko

    Open Toonz

    New open source animation software based on Toonz 2d animation software! Previously utilized by Studio Ghilbli since Princess Mononoke, Anastasia, Balto, and other films! Digital Video, the makers of TOONZ, and DWANGO, a Japanese publisher, announced that they have signed an agreement for the...
  5. Ferettoko

    Youtube Problems...

    Man it's just every little thing with YouTube(and google) these days. Their copyright problems are getting worse and seem to be coming to a head judging from recent complaint videos.(like profits being stolen by way of false claims) Like TeamFourStar who made Dragonball Z Abridged just had their...
  6. Ferettoko

    So which Profile Pic?

    This: , this or this- for my profile pic out of these three hm....? I drew all of them up in autodesk sketchbook. Feel free to comment stating why you chose the one you did. (their full images can also be found in my fan art thread; these are cropped.)
  7. Ferettoko

    Major Talk

    Hey there, I noticed that in the Introduce Yourself thread that there were quite a few college students(who would state their major). So hey that's interesting, me too! :3 So let's chit-chat about what major's and/minors we students have and what we're interested in or whatever~(that's not to...
  8. Ferettoko

    Art by ferettoko

    Here I will have the fanart created by me.(once in a blue moon..?) I actually do have some minor aspirations in art, so hey constructive feebdack if one is willing.(I need to pluck up and do backgrounds...) (^-^)7'