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  1. Neb

    Requesting help with ground bounce combos and defense

    Great! I hope this helps plenty! A couple of other things I just thought of, if you're cornered with Oleander there's always the high risk high reward method. Down down D teleport (requires 1 magic) makes you invincible on startup, and makes the opponent regret having a "never stop...
  2. Neb

    Requesting help with ground bounce combos and defense

    I keep trying to link the groundbounce with a c.a because it's so fast, but I've actually found more use out of c.b due to its upward hitbox on her horn, then you can go into a c.h or just launch immediately for more aerial hits. For the air combos, usually avoid the light attack in the air...
  3. Neb

    Steam Controller General

    Are you a pretty big fan of the Steam controller? Honestly, I'd mostly heard meh reviews about it, but I'd like to know more on its upsides. What kind of games do you find it good with? Just looking at it I question how accurate the giant D pad thing can be for fast inputs like Velvet's...
  4. Neb

    Palette Reference Guide

    They seem to like making the reference title not too obvious. I think they like the guessing game. Speaking of which, I'm voidraz with the VIP pallette. I was kinda hoping someone would guess it, as it's not very obscure at all, but if you're needing the answer for your reference guide let me...
  5. Neb

    How do i approach Velvet (and blocks in general)?

    If a velvet sets an ice shard on the ground and then goes up to set one in the air, teleport behind her. That drives me nuts when I'm playing Velvet. AI opponents can be silly though, and can react to almost anything, but one of your big advantages as Ollie is the speed and size of your air...
  6. Neb

    How to counter Velvet's Eruption?

    Crouch block. It's a low attack.
  7. Neb

    Anyone else wish Velvet's air attacks were more reliable?

    In case anyone isnt aware, the best air pattern for velvet is to immediately hit j.a after launching and following, then delaying a bit before j.b. doing this has you nearly hitting the ground again before they are done being hit by j.b's many hits. J.c meanwhile seems to be the only aerial to...