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  1. TigerKirby215

    Gongx facai! Happy Year of the Rooster!

    恭喜发财 This is basically just an excuse for me to post Chicken :Tianhuo: again:
  2. TigerKirby215

    Review your favorite games in 4 words or less

    Found this on another forum I browse. I think the idea is simple enough.
  3. TigerKirby215


  4. TigerKirby215


    Vulpine [Steam Community Greenlight] [Thunderclap] is a game I found by accident on Steam Greenlight awhile ago that I got really hyped for. To put this in perspective: The only other game I follow on Greenlight is Them's Fightin' Herds, which was (and now is) probably my most hyped upcoming...
  5. TigerKirby215

    (Forum Game) I like being brutally honest

    A redirect from my post in the Skullgirls thread: I enjoyed writing this, and thought it would be fun to ask other people to be honest about why they enjoy a certain character or game. The idea of this game is simple: Take the core mechanics of whatever character in whatever game, and try to...
  6. TigerKirby215


    So I recently bought a game called Armello. It's a furry fantasy board-game RPG where you try to become the new king of the lands through various means. It's honestly very fun and exciting! There are a lot of really well though-out mechanics in the game (see this video for an idea) and every...
  7. TigerKirby215

    Them's Asci Herds

    So awhile ago I found this photo-editing app thing called Glitchr, and I've been having a lot of fun fiddling with it. I currently have my lock screen set to an edit of this art that I used to have as my Lock Screen. Just a fun lil' app that I'd suggest trying out. I'm not paid to say this...
  8. TigerKirby215

    Them's Garry's Herds - TK's silly Ragdoll Screenshots

    I don't know if anyone's posted this anywhere, but someone made TFH Gmod Models. I fiddled around with these models a bit on a South Park map I got.
  9. TigerKirby215

    Them's China Herds

    So I sorta semi-expect that basically everyone who's even remotely interested in this game has tried entering "Tianhuo" into Google Translate, getting the characters "天火" (Tiānhuǒ) which literally translate to "Skyfire". But what I bet you didn't try is translating "Longma" (龍馬, Lóngmǎ), which...
  10. TigerKirby215

    A case for Paprikia's and Tianhuo's Magic

    So I was looking back on last week's Dev. stream and realized: "Wow. Tianhuo's magic recharges really 'effing fast. :confused:" And it does recharge really 'effing fast. When you got a good combo going with Tian, her magic bar effectively doesn't exist, allowing her to stretch incredibly long...
  11. TigerKirby215

    Favorite Cut-scene?

    Cut-scenes have become such a common staple in games that they're usually just watched once or ignored. Regardless, there are some truly impressive cut-scenes out there, and I want to bring them into the light. Easily one of my favorites is the ADVENT Retaliation Mission cut-scene from XCOM 2...
  12. TigerKirby215


    Again: Sorry if this has already been done! Naturally, there are going to be people who will want to play TFH with a controller of Fight-Stick. I assume those who got the custom TFH fight-stick from the IndieGoGo will really want to use a Fight-Stick. Are there any plans for controller support...
  13. TigerKirby215

    "Awesomenauts OP"

    Seeing that in Friday's Twitch chat made me a veri heppi ungulat. :p Also I guess we can talk about Awesomenauts a things. Skree is best Awsomegulate.