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  1. Rocketknightgeek

    My Favorite Game Is S**t

    That's freedom planet.
  2. Rocketknightgeek

    Sonic the Hedgehog

    Lost world is actually a really cool game once you get it through your head that the run button is something you absolutely must get used to the game being designed around. It's up there with colors as a game that sadly never got developed past the first one and thus lacks refinement. Get the...
  3. Rocketknightgeek

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Backers' Beta starts May 25

    It'll be the 26th in 12 minutes for me.
  4. Rocketknightgeek

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Backers' Beta starts May 25

    You need a wireless adapter (dongle) to get a 360 controller going on PC. They will frequently come with controllers in special bundles but otherwise it's hard to get one. Keep in mind that a charge and play kit will only charge the controller if you connect it to the PC as it still uses...
  5. Rocketknightgeek

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Backers' Beta starts May 25

    *Emits a high pitched and neverending "SQUEEEEEEEE" as he runs around in an excited little circle*
  6. Rocketknightgeek

    My Favorite Game Is S**t

    You got it.
  7. Rocketknightgeek

    My Favorite Game Is S**t

    That's clearly Breath of the wild. A small child is tasked to save people and cities through the boundless possibilities of his imagination. He decides to just spawn Cthulhu and ropes over and over until the task is done.
  8. Rocketknightgeek

    Velvet party? Velvet party.

    It's not a party, it's an ungulate smugreindeer. Velvet Party! Velvet Party! I have serious doubts a single other person will get that reference and I don't care.
  9. Rocketknightgeek

    Suggestions on magic bars and charging mechanics

    With Tian's meter generation, it could possibly be tied to screen coverage where she has either a visable or invisible battery that fills from a center and out into an X/Y cross that fills out as you move on those axis. This would obviously shrink on each axis automatically over time and how...
  10. Rocketknightgeek

    Tfh as a text adventure game?

    On hard mode... You are standing in an open arena with a cheering crowd of backer OCs while another sapient ungulate stands across from you. A large piece of text appears in mid air declaring 'STAMPEDE'. Your opponent starts to trot in your general direction in a stuttering motion that is...
  11. Rocketknightgeek

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

    It looks like they'll do largely the same thing they did in Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems, where they act as temporary or one-off buffs and can be knocked out of each other. They'll likely also copy the gimmick where each character has one specific gem that gives them a unique ability...
  12. Rocketknightgeek

    PlayStation All Stars: Battle Royale

    The lack of so many iconic PS1 era characters basically comes down to the fact that far, far too many of them were sold off as the PS2 started to roll around. The end result was kind of a mess of a line up where most of the characters were multiplatform or from games rated M and above which...
  13. Rocketknightgeek

    Diggin' the Spooky Theme Mane6

    When I first saw the new color scheme, my first thought was 'YES!, a legendary dropped.' I played too much Borderlands.
  14. Rocketknightgeek

    Best character deaths?

    I'm just going to say 'Joss Whedon' and you can name your favorite whatever he's done. Chances are at least one character you loved died horribly for their crime of having their shit together.
  15. Rocketknightgeek

    Questions about making a game

    The very first thing one should do is to see it they can make a MVP (minimum viable product) which basically means creating the absolute minimum one would need to test the basic game functions. In the case of a normal 2d platformer, that means a screen with flat ground you can run around, a...
  16. Rocketknightgeek

    Review your favorite games in 4 words or less

    NiGHTS - The Feeling of Flight. Bayonetta - Kill gods, be fabulous. Fighters in general - For F**KS sake, BLOCK! (this for when trying to teach newer players)
  17. Rocketknightgeek

    [Forum Game] Assume more, Question Lore

    It was never a skill she intentionally cultivated, her small stature just made it a necessity whenever she was tasked with getting something from the top shelves of the storage building. Do the citizens of BAAA mimic real New Zealanders and all think that everyone except their own township are...
  18. Rocketknightgeek

    Movies You...

    Hate that everyone loves. Equilibrium - Holy crap, I really, truly do not get the slightest whiff of any reason why anyone would love or even like this pile. Everything from the action to the acting to the plot and whatever philosophy is supposed to be in place here are all AWFUL. Even the...
  19. Rocketknightgeek

    Games You...

    The hotel Delfino missions are basically a big, flashing sign that screams "MASTER SPIN JUMP SPRINKLING RIGHT NOW!" as loud as it can, directly into your face. Best of luck if playing on emulation though, as half holding R is kind of impossible on keyboard and not supported for controllers at...
  20. Rocketknightgeek

    Mane6 Work Stream #9

    Dat banner... HEIL SMUGDEER!