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  1. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Skill Lobbies Feebdack (thus far)

    I voted against Skill lobbies because I think the player count is just too small. When I'm spending time in a lobby, there are many lobbies that are empty.
  2. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Development Update #1 (5/12/20)

    I was concerned about the lack of reviews from game journalism sites like Kotaku, Polygon, PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and Destructoid alongside FGC sites like Shoryuken.com and EventHubs. The only major gaming site that has reviewed Them's Fightin' Herds is IGN, which is connected to Humble...
  3. Tunnel_Rhino526

    We're at EVO BABY!

    This is excellent news to wake up to at 4:00 A.M Central time.
  4. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Development Update #1 (5/12/20)

    Question: Did you send out review copies to the big name review sites?
  5. Tunnel_Rhino526

    IGN Official TFH Review

    It just occurred to me that to show Them's Fightin' Herd's Metacritc page. At the time of this post, there has only been one user review submitted on the page so it hasn't recieve a user score yet, and needs three more critic reviews for a critic score.
  6. Tunnel_Rhino526

    IGN Official TFH Review

    That's awesome! Hopefully we can get reviews from other sites like Polygon and Kotaku.
  7. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Storymode Thoughts (SPOILERS)

    Story Mode was a blast, but if there's something to critique about, Chapter III felt short. It had some of my favorite moments in Arizona's story mode like the battle with Paprika and the climb up the mountain while fighting the eagles once I got the hang of both of them, but those moments along...
  8. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Possible to dumb down Flappy for us casuals?

    I found out you have to the use the Forward + Light anti-air option to stuff out the attack, then jump cancel into a combo, something the game should hint at. Also the eagle's lunge attack can be crouched.
  9. Tunnel_Rhino526

    1.0 Release Date, New Website!

    The Website is beautiful.
  10. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Story Mode Preview Stream - This Friday

    A day has passed since the stream, shouldn't the post stream summary have been posted by now?
  11. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Post-Event News: Winter Tour '19-'20

    Please have that trailer on the Steam Store page, the old trailer is really outdated.
  12. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Symmetra for Smash.
  13. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Paprika win pose animation goof

    Location: Paprika's win pose Description: When paprika does her win pose, her hoof is not colored in. How to reproduce: Win a match as Paprika Reproduction rate: 100%
  14. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Mane6 Work Stream #19 - Thurs 2/28/19 3pm PT

    Did Paprika jump onto the cake, or out of the cake?
  15. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    You no longer need Pokemon Let's Go to get the partner Pikachu and Eevee spirits. With that my Spirit collection is finally completed.
  16. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Aaron Stavely joins Mane6

    Should this announcement be listed on the website and steam page as well?
  17. Tunnel_Rhino526

    TFH nominated by r/fighters

    Them's Fightin Herds has been nominated by the Reddit's r/Fighters for two Best of 2018 awards: Best Niche/Indie and Best Fighting Game Character: Pom.
  18. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Paprika Throw K.O Bug

    • Location of Bug: In arcade Mode • Description: When ending a round using Paprika's forward throw, The opponent will enter stagger as they rise and knocked down as they fall. • Screenshots: • Steps to reproduce: Play arcade mode as Paprika, finish off your opponent with a forward throw...
  19. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    I would prefer Black Shadow instead of Blood Falcon. He could be Ganondorf's Echo Fighter and have all moves Ganondorf had in the previous games that the sword replaced.
  20. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Other Fighting Game Tourneys?

    Is there going to be anything TFH related at Evo? Just Wondering.