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  1. PhantomFox

    We're at EVO BABY!

  2. PhantomFox

    Future Palettes

    Still think we can try and get a Max + Benny palette for Pom.
  3. PhantomFox

    What combo trial are you stuck on?

    Thank you. I did figure it out a while ago, and yes, the J.M had to be delayed to be meatier. Working on Master 2 now, but that's more just learning the rhythm for now.
  4. PhantomFox

    What combo trial are you stuck on?

    Figured I'd try and make a hub thread for any people who are learning combos and are hitting a wall. Personally, I'm having trouble on Arizona's Intermediate 7, namely picking the target back up after the jumping medium. No matter how I time the shorthop, 95% of the time, I can't pick them...
  5. PhantomFox

    Combo Trials quality of life changes?

    Been practicing the combo trials. Noticed two things that aren't big, but would be nice to have. 1) Have an option to move to the next combo trial when you complete the current one. Default would be 'no' as it is right now. 2) Something to read the entire combo notation without having to go...
  6. PhantomFox

    Popular YouTubers Playing?

    So, the question is now how hard would it be to get a Pom skin where all the dogs look like Benny?
  7. PhantomFox

    Easiest way to shorthop?

    Seems about the same for me. The timing is just giving me trouble, I guess. I'm better at shorthopping left than right though, which is odd.
  8. PhantomFox

    Easiest way to shorthop?

    It's a generic XBox controller
  9. PhantomFox

    Easiest way to shorthop?

    I don't know about you, but I can't really do it consistently. I can get it best when I take my thumb off the stick and flick it, but that puts it in a really odd spot to get it back on and start doing motions. Any suggestions?
  10. PhantomFox

    General Paprika Discussion Thread

    Ok, I have a hard time short-hopping in general, but how the cuss do you short hop after a charge motion? Seems rather finicky to me, but I also have no experience, so who knows.
  11. PhantomFox

    Newish to fighting games, how do I learn?

    I've watched a lot of people play, but I'm not sure how to learn and practice. I thought there was a combo tutorial somewhere but I can't find it? Anything I should do besides raid the character threads and learn combos?