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  1. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Paprika win pose animation goof

    Location: Paprika's win pose Description: When paprika does her win pose, her hoof is not colored in. How to reproduce: Win a match as Paprika Reproduction rate: 100%
  2. Tunnel_Rhino526

    TFH nominated by r/fighters

    Them's Fightin Herds has been nominated by the Reddit's r/Fighters for two Best of 2018 awards: Best Niche/Indie and Best Fighting Game Character: Pom.
  3. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Paprika Throw K.O Bug

    • Location of Bug: In arcade Mode • Description: When ending a round using Paprika's forward throw, The opponent will enter stagger as they rise and knocked down as they fall. • Screenshots: • Steps to reproduce: Play arcade mode as Paprika, finish off your opponent with a forward throw...
  4. Tunnel_Rhino526

    OC: Kesong and Domrey

    Ever since I made that post, I've been quietly working creating these two in between other writing projects and games such as Civilization 6, Renowned Explores, and Stardew Valley (the latter for the Switch). Since my drawing skills are abysmal, I've decided instead to write a bio and move-set...
  5. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Background Characters are Missing

    Location: Any match, offline or online. Description: I've played arcade mode recently and not single background character had appeared. How to Reproduce: Just go to any match, online or offline. Rate: 100%
  6. Tunnel_Rhino526

    Unlisted Patch note features

    This thread is features you've discovered that weren't covered in the patch notes or to specify some details. Oleander's forward throw, teleport, chapter trap, and Fred's hand crawl are now cardboard free. Also the Predators are now voiced with appropriate animal noises.