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  1. JunaECBS

    TFH at EVO 2019!

    What's up everyone! We're hosting a TFH tournament LIVE from EVO 2019! The Fightin' Foenatics and potentially escapingworkforce are gonna host a special event for those aware of The Magic Series. This is, of course, not an online tournament. Currently, We've set the cap for 32 entrants for...
  2. JunaECBS

    JunaE's uncreatively titled fun gallery

    It all began with this... Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw Since then, I'm having this itch like I had not in a long time; seeing them Pixel Lobby accessories and other in-game stuff just gives me all kinds of fun mental images, which I'd like to relay to you. To open, here...
  3. JunaECBS

    A question for the veteran labbers

    How do you find and extend combos? I've been wondering this for a while, while trying to work something out on my own. I know that experience is (always) a factor, and not everyone can (or needs to) lab everything, but I still have to ask: how, and how so quickly? Sure, I'm thinking of TFH's...