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  1. ChaotixSpark

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Backers' Beta starts May 25

    Are we reaching a record for "Total amount of users online" waiting for this beta release?
  2. ChaotixSpark

    Good news, Bad news, Stream news.

    I am most excite. Keep up the hard work Mane6~
  3. ChaotixSpark

    After Mighty no. 9, should we be worried?

    Honestly, we can be a little worried. Mane6 is a brand new company who has never published a product before. Sure there is Fighting is Magic, but that's an unfinished product. It wasn't their choice to cancel Fighting is Magic, but since they don't have a completed product to base any previous...
  4. ChaotixSpark

    What would "ruin" Them Fightin' Herds for you?

    Well I mean, the rest of the post was me not enjoying heavy input heavy games. Combo string memorization and what not. I wasn't saying Skullgirls didn't have mix ups and mind games and even meta tropes like "shifting the screen", but after you land the hit confirm, you better have your combo...
  5. ChaotixSpark


    What a plot, Twist.
  6. ChaotixSpark

    What would "ruin" Them Fightin' Herds for you?

    Not that I don't think that Skullgirls is an amazing game, but I didn't like it just because it was more intensive on combo strings than mechanics (footsies, mind games, mix ups, ect.). Yes, the game was super heavy on fighting game mechanics, but if you didn't dedicate yourself to learning the...
  7. ChaotixSpark

    small detail that make TFH special for you!

    The music being game play based is already the small touch I love in any fighting game. I love it in KI, I can't wait for awesome stuff from TFH.
  8. ChaotixSpark

    What would "ruin" Them Fightin' Herds for you?

    Game seems really combo string heavy. There doesnt seem to be much interaction between characters or any kind of BURST mechanic or anything of the like to interrupt combos. And don't say combo decay, there's always ways around that to do a casual 60%. Other than that, I dont really know much...
  9. ChaotixSpark

    Koihime Enbu

    hey. I liked the Intro Trailer. Also the game is way more punish heavy than just mashing supers. And yeah, jump ins are a no no and super punishable.
  10. ChaotixSpark

    So how exactly would Paprika fight?

    And if Paprika was a vampire, it would be called a Mira match. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  11. ChaotixSpark

    So how exactly would Paprika fight?

    I imagine Faust but if Faust from Guilty Gear was rush down and not zone. Lots of mix ups and lots of full screen grabs, but only if they're full screen. If they're close or mid range, it whiffs with large punishment window. That was free mane6. :P
  12. ChaotixSpark

    First Fightin' Game(s) You've Ever Played

    I think the very first fighting game I've ever touched was Rival Schools on the PS1 and Super Smash 64 ofc. I was like no good at fighting games, but memories and nostalgia and all that. Now a days, I mess around (lose) at Skullgirls and I do pretty well in Melty Blood.
  13. ChaotixSpark

    (Hypothetical) If you could have any one person or one band create music for Them's Fightin Herds...

    There's a really cool guy I hope is making all of TFH'S music~ RC88
  14. ChaotixSpark


    Plot Twist: There is no Champion of Foenum, but a Champion"S" of Foenum. Without true unity between all of the races, Foenum is doomed to the Predators.