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  1. Sutekh94

    Illuminati: A secret society do exist.

    This is the best thing I have ever seen today, and I've only been awake for ten minutes.
  2. Sutekh94

    Lawyer Friendly Equines Discussion Thread.

  3. Sutekh94

    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    I feel like this thread should be stickied.
  4. Sutekh94

    Local arcades

    There used to be a game room with a good number of arcade cabs set up in the rear of the local Italian restaurant. Dunno if it's still there - it's been probably 15 years since I last saw it - but I remember spending many quarters on the Ms. Pac-Man machine they had. There were also some cabs...
  5. Sutekh94


    I can't tell if Stunt was saying that facetiously or not... And, for the record, I actually have more a problem with how Blizzard executed microtransactions in this game than any of the cosmetics being limited-time offers - a bit ironic because the two kinda go hand-in-hand, I think. Usually...
  6. Sutekh94


    So, while all my friends are playing Heroes of the Storm for that Genji skin, I decided to try out Sombra. Let's just say that I can definitely see myself playing as her a lot.
  7. Sutekh94


    So, about Sombra... She has a neat design, and it seems like she's gonna be very interesting to play as when she comes out. My initial impressions, anyways...
  8. Sutekh94

    List of Livestream Lore/Gameplay Bits

    I started noticing something was up when I saw ridiculous timestamps like this one:
  9. Sutekh94

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Recently got back into PAYDAY 2, where me and my friends are now trying to beat all the heists on the new One Down difficulty. Let me just say that the Hotline Miami heist on that difficulty is insane. And/or maybe it's the fact that me and most of my friends are out of practice, since, for...
  10. Sutekh94

    Forum Improvements log

    I've noticed the forum doesn't count posts made under the off topic section. That's probably what you're seeing.
  11. Sutekh94

    Mane6 Work Stream #10.1/#10.2

    Yeah, this is one that DEFINITELY deserves a bingo card.
  12. Sutekh94


    I was actually playing a bit of comp (read: comp placement matches) last night with a bunch of my friends. We went 3-3-1, which I'd say is alright, especially for somebody like me who doesn't play Overwatch all the time. For the most part, our losses came against teams who had a lot more...
  13. Sutekh94


    So these things happened last night:
  14. Sutekh94


    It's high noon somewhere in the world...
  15. Sutekh94

    Mane6 Work Stream #9

    I was actually kinda keeping track of the bingo card this time around, and this is what I wound up with.
  16. Sutekh94

    Feelin' fine.

  17. Sutekh94

    Mane6 Work Stream #9

    Devs asking the important questions here! Somebody get on it! EDIT: And make sure there's a "Devs Mention Bingo Card" space.
  18. Sutekh94

    TFH Conspiracies [the truth is out there]

    Regarding the poll: I feel like there's an option that was left out.
  19. Sutekh94

    Lawyer Friendly Equines Discussion Thread.

    Shhh... Don't give 'em any ideas. :p And I'm fine with the Lawyer Friendly Hominids and FiM universes being kept separate. As much as I want to see baconmane return to the FiM universe, even if it's a quick three-second cameo in the background, I'm fine with her remaining in the Lawyer Friendly Hominids universe, if only because I...