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  1. Snivian Moon

    Story Mode Velvet Wrecks My Face

    I realize I'm a hopeless scrub, but I thought I would ask around here just in case there's something I'm missing! I've been enjoying story mode for a while now. It's been a touch of a challenge, but I've been enjoying that, and trying my best to improve. Then I got to Velvet. She absolutely...
  2. Snivian Moon

    Latency tips?

    I have what I consider to be a pretty good and stable connection. I tend to have pretty decent down and up rates (154.6 Mbps down / 11.7 Up according to Google, on average), and whenever I'm playing most games online (say FPS, etc) my ping tends to be below 150. But I guess my lag must be...
  3. Snivian Moon

    So what's the flame-y deali-mabob above some pixel lobby avatars?

    I didn't know quite which forum to ask this on, but this seemed like a safe place to start: Some players in the pixel lobby have a little flame-looking thing above their heads (maybe it's Oleander's book, some have suggested to me?). When I first started playing even in the beta, I saw it and...
  4. Snivian Moon

    Requesting help with ground bounce combos and defense

    I've been grinding out some practice since retail release (And will shamefully admit to being pretty bad), and at the moment I'm pretty decent at reliably getting down basic combos. I've been playing with Ole primarily, but with some Ari thrown in the mix from time to time. Move inputs don't...
  5. Snivian Moon

    Chests in Salt Mines give an error?

    Whenever I open a costed chest in the salt mines, and the reward is not food of some sort, I get the following error: "Some kinda server error. The server cannot give you any items..." I'm not sure if this is a legit error, or just something I'm doing wrong, but since it declared itself an...
  6. Snivian Moon

    Queries on Good, and the Gettin' thereof.

    Hello! Advanced apologies if this is the wrong place to be asking this question. I admit I'm a bit aimless. I've been super excited for TFH since I backed the project, but I'll admit I sort of let the beta slip by me for a long while. Part of me just wanted to experience the whole package as a...