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  1. Tribble

    Story Mode: K.O. doesn't always end game

    It happens only very rarely I'm afraid, but sometimes when a predator K.O.s me in Story Mode, the game doesn't end. It just goes on as if I hadn't lost, and I've got some health left too. I'm not sure if there's a pattern to the health left—whether that's my health from before the fight, or...
  2. Tribble

    Chapter 1 after cave: Snake Boss stops attacking me

    The snake boss battle after the cave: My first try, I get to the part where I beat the wolf and the snake attacks me with his head across the gap—he kills me with his head. So far so good. I try again, I get to the part where I fight the wolf and I beat it but the snake stops attacking me...
  3. Tribble

    "Fancy Blocking Tutorial" doesn't get marked as completed

    I've completed the the Fancy Blocking tutorial several times as Arizona, but it doesn't get marked as completed. I did get to the little outro section "This completes the advanced section. Go fight some figths etc" and then the menu pops up asking me whether I want to continue or end, but no...
  4. Tribble

    Arizona's Combo Intermediate 02 lists wrong action

    Arizona's combo trial Intermediate 02 ends with Headbuck B into Low Lasso. But if I'm not mistaken, you can go either Headbuck C -> Low Lasso, or Headbuck B -> Regular Lasso
  5. Tribble

    After the lasso

    I was wondering: what options does Arizona have after the lasso? The regular lasso is obvious, but I keep having issues doings something useful after low or air lasso and I'm not sure if I have the right idea and merely bad timing or what. :arizona:
  6. Tribble

    Aaron Stavely's video tutorials

    Aaron Stavely on youtube has been putting out a couple of great tutorials. Basic Controls:
  7. Tribble

    AI option for dummy stops working after combo trials

    • Location of Bug: Training Mode • Description: If you set the dummy action to AI after having been in combo trials, it won't do anything. Exiting training mode and entering again will fix this. • Screenshot: -- • Steps to reproduce: Go into training mode Set dummy action to AI, enjoy being...
  8. Tribble

    Them's Fightin' Herbs

    Idea for the next game: ;)
  9. Tribble

    Tribble's Stuff (Or something like that)

    EDIT: Despite the title I'm going to use this thread for all my stuff, so keep scrolling. ;) (If mods see this, please rename the thread to "Tribble's stuff" or something like that?) Quick Arizona doodle!