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  1. Gryphon BBQ


    I wonder how is Ash's team en up, I read that the producers don't want to repeat any Pokemon he or his companions had.
  2. Gryphon BBQ

    Display Settings BUG

    I want to remark this bug which was present on the early access more than six months ago and is still happening. That last update 1.0 resetted everything, back to windows mode but when I try to place the full screen mode from the game option menu, it crashes. I can only go full screen with...
  3. Gryphon BBQ

    Possible to dumb down Flappy for us casuals?

    A movement which is not taught during any part of the story mode, you have to suddenly deal with Flappy, I can but a child who is playing for the first time not. And if one extra Flappy follows you to the top, you'll have to deal with two of them at the same time spamming their movements...
  4. Gryphon BBQ


    Just finished my Pokemon Game and I'm kind of disappointed for the hollow story. The new Pokemon looks great and, "damn it!", the animations are the same as last game... I bet they used the same engine which explains the low quality in graphics. (incredible that Wild Arms 5 has better...
  5. Gryphon BBQ

    Oleander and Velvet a little OP?

    Well, I'm not talking about reaching her, because there's always an strategy. My point is that I went to training mode and checked it by myself... she deals a damn lot of damage, way too much compared to others. Just try the equivalent attacks and see it by yourself, she is OP. With Oleander is...
  6. Gryphon BBQ

    Oleander and Velvet a little OP?

    I made a test run of the game now that it's released, I know that it's on early access but it's open to the general public. I tested again changes from the beta and noticed that two thing haven't changed, the extreme Ai difficulty and Velvet & Oleander amount of damage they deal with their...
  7. Gryphon BBQ

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    Anyone found Pom's accent the best thing ever? We know the protagonists, I can't wait to see the bad guys or better say, the carnivores. (also, aren't Pom's dogs carnivores too?)
  8. Gryphon BBQ

    Forum Improvements log

    No sure if this was addressed but with you make Alt+Enter to go full screen (like in old windows games) the game crashes. I hope this is the right place to talk about bugs, and I know it's beta but I have a bad luck finding bugs.
  9. Gryphon BBQ

    Ideal DLC Character

    I'd like to see a Guanaco, why everyone speak about Llamas when Guanacos are cooler, bigger and wilder...
  10. Gryphon BBQ

    League of Legends

    I play in South America (south) and I have no idea if I can arrange a match crossing regions. I'd love it if that's possible
  11. Gryphon BBQ

    Introduce yourself

    Opening to other people is the easiest things in the world. Being quiet is ok but not too much
  12. Gryphon BBQ

    Introduce yourself

    Hello, I'm from Argentina, I live in the Patagonia region where Guanacos run wild and Penguins in time to time visit the beaches.