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  1. Nintyuk

    Salt Mine frustrating

    Any character that needs to get close will struggle with Snake and Cougar
  2. Nintyuk

    Dealing with Pom's Air game (and other move)

    If you see pom jump assume :8::C: and high block or forward dash under and Anti-Air. It's a 180* sweep from up to down, if you get behind her then she is vulnerable. Pom is generally weak up close, her best attacks keep you at arms length and she can't summon if you can hit her.
  3. Nintyuk

    The future of TFH

    A Mechanical Giraffe Character who uses It's extend-o neck for grapples and long range attacks.
  4. Nintyuk

    Anyone with controller imperfections on Steam should check this

    If you use any type of standard controller E,G; Xbox 360 or PS4 or A generic xinput controller you can use Steam's big picture mode to gain access to a fully in built Controller config utility. Originally designed for use with the steam controller it's been made available for full use with PS4...
  5. Nintyuk


    STOOOP!! She's already down...: Get 20 hits in after removing the last of your opponents health.
  6. Nintyuk

    Keep getting stunlocked against the wall, what do I do?

    How can I tell when they restart their combo?
  7. Nintyuk

    Latency tips?

    The only thing to fear is the yellow circle of doom.
  8. Nintyuk


    Catch!: As Pom, Use Big Momma to Counter a Projectile and Still Cause a Wall splat Mine Digger: As Pom, Use a Diggy Pup to set off a Oleander Trap High Five!: Use Paprikas Zippy Teleport at the same time as your opponent
  9. Nintyuk

    Latency tips?

    I found that internet speed is more important than latency, if your sending and receiving data fast enough on both ends then ping is just a matter of delay. Edit: Generally it's your opponents internet speed that holds you back. Most US peeps have pants internet speed but great latency to each...
  10. Nintyuk

    I Propose A Nickname for Air Heavy...

    Its a massive sweeping attack that if timed right can cause a cross-up and hit people from behind.
  11. Nintyuk

    Future Palettes

    For Pom: Gordon Freeman and Ant-lions:
  12. Nintyuk

    I Propose A Nickname for Air Heavy...

    I Propose :8::C: Should be Nicknamed the Dog Hammer, Yea or Neigh?
  13. Nintyuk

    Keep getting stunlocked against the wall, what do I do?

    I don't understand how to push block when caught in one of those wall combos when it won't let me even block
  14. Nintyuk

    Velvet Shatter-C spam

    What Character are you using? as each Character has different ways of handling stuff.
  15. Nintyuk

    How do i approach Velvet (and blocks in general)?

    If Your playing Pom you can use Big momma as a shield to approach Projectile spammers as you can move her out in front near the spammer and when they try to fire you counter and wall splat them. Hold :D: then start moving forward and Big Momma will start running in. You can also use Pilot Pup...
  16. Nintyuk

    Cam's Notation and Input Primer

    OHH MY GAWD THIS SAVED ME! THIS HERE. THANKYOU SO MUCH! I was having so much trouble with quarter circle inputs for summoning dogs, I was pressing the attack button too early! You have to wait till after you complete the motion to press the button as it actually has a forgiving window. It's...
  17. Nintyuk

    What do you want from a Tutorial?

    Some live feebdack on what input the game is actually reading would be awesome for the gesture moves EG quarter circle and the more complicated one. Right now my biggest issue is when I feel I'm doing the input right but the game doesn't seem to accept it. Edit: apparently this is already in...
  18. Nintyuk

    Steam Controller General

    I just finished a config and posted it to the steam community, try it here steam://controllerconfig/574980/1331263825
  19. Nintyuk

    Salt Mine frustrating

    Snake, cougar and oleander all make me extra salty in the salt mines. I actually like getting the bear as I just find him a big target.