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  1. indie_animator

    Is there a suggestions topic? And a TfH Discord?

    Didn't see a stickied topic & tried a forum search, but was curious. I hope to suggest something for the Tutorial. Trying to clear it despite playing fighters for decades. And wasn't sure where the Discord is. Maybe I'm the only new person here currently, ha. Thanks!
  2. indie_animator

    Never tried Steam before. This would be my first game.

    Have followed news of this game for some years, as I did w/Skullgirls. When SG went to PS3, I got it. Watched a playthrough of Cuphead on YouTube, so I don't need to buy it. (no X-Box). But for this game, I may finally get Steam. Installed it months ago, but have yet to get a PS4 controller...
  3. indie_animator

    My TFH fanart and other work

    Finally finished my first TFH fanart. After the battle, Tianhuo kindly escorts Paprika back to the border of Huoshan as a curious onlooker wishes them well. Read the rule of 75% TFH fanart. Maybe I can post some Skullgirls next. Let me know if anyone has a request for another TFH one. Maybe...
  4. indie_animator

    Just read The Book of Lore!

    First created topic, and I've got to say- bravo to the writer and artist. Really enjoyed that backstory, character development, etc. One story was even first-person; clever. Wanted to give a heads up on some typos you might want to fix (I've done a lot of proofing over the years): Ch1...