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    2.1.6 (10.21.2021)

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  1. Mage

    Vote for your favorite ungulate! [Early Access Edition]

    Let's find out who is the most popular ungulate now that everyone can play the game! Rules are simple; vote for your favorite ungulate and tell everyone why! Remember, all votes are final! Are you tired of people worshipping Velvet when Paprika is clearly the goddess of Foenum? Do you want...
  2. Mage

    What's your favorite move?

    Fairly self explanatory. What's your favorite move, based on your own criteria? For me it's a three way tie. Roundabout Rodeo (Arizona's Level 2 Super) - This is the coolest move in the game in my opinion and it's always satisfying to use. Bork (Pom's dog bark) - I didn't expect to say this...
  3. Mage

    Your Game of the Year for 2017

    Since 2017 is over, what was everyone's personal game of the year?
  4. Mage

    Let's settle it. Who is the most popular ungulate? [Beta Edition]

    This is a mystery that must be solved. I'm going to give Oleander a headstart, as you might can guess by my username.
  5. Mage

    Your favorite stage to fight on?

    So what is your favorite locale to duel at? It can be due to any number of factors; the music, the visuals, or simple bias because it belongs to your favorite character. Now, I may be one of those silly fellows that didn't back this game and thus am unable to play it, but I believe my favorite...
  6. Mage

    What do you think the community for this game will be like?

    After the game releases, I mean. Do you think it'll be diverse? Do you think it'll be a good community, or a bad one? Unfortunately, I personally can't help but worry. I mean, I want to be optimistic, but when I start thinking about how many different groups of people will be in the community...