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  1. Firekirby

    Extra Credits

    Okay, so for anyone who doesn't know what Extra Credits is, it's a Youtube channel build by educators in the game industry with the sole purpose of provoking thoughts on topics in the field, as well as providing solutions to problems the medium has had for a while. (they also have a really neat...
  2. Firekirby

    Velvet party? Velvet party.

    Happy April Fools Day, everyone! I get the sneaking suspicion that someone's been having a bit of fun behind the scenes. Nonetheless, disregarding the twerking in the background... Velvet party anyone?
  3. Firekirby

    [Forum Game] 90,000 Floors of the Hold

    It doesn't matter how you got here. Perhaps you're a predator who was forced into the Hold, perhaps you're a citizen of Fœnum who helped drive them here, or perhaps you're just a bipedal hairless ape behind a glowing rectangle. Regardless, you're now in the Hold, and the only thing to do is go...
  4. Firekirby

    *UNOFFICIAL* TFH Discord chat

    Community Discord Server
  5. Firekirby

    The Monkey's Paw

    This was originally a fun little forum game someone made in another forum I was in, and I thought I'd share it with you all. The rules are simple. When you post, you must first take the previous poster's wish and grant it in a way that leads to undesirable side effects, much like a Monkey's Paw...
  6. Firekirby

    Forum suggestions

    Before I say anything, I want to clarify that I understand the forums are still a work in progress. I know there are features still being implemented, and any overlap those features have with my suggestions here does not suggest that I thought they wouldn't be implemented at all. I am simply...
  7. Firekirby

    Introduce yourself

    Come on everyone, let's start this form up right. Introduce yourselves!