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    2.1.6 (10.21.2021)

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  1. Cronnicossy

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Backers' Beta starts May 25

    I can only press refresh so many times.
  2. Cronnicossy

    Backers Beta: Are we there yet? // Backerkit accidentally all over the place

    I'll be out of college in two weeks so that's perfect. In fact, I think a lot of people will be? Niiiiice.
  3. Cronnicossy

    How big will the input buffer be?

    I assume it would be a similar buffer to Skullgirls. but I dunno what that is exactly.
  4. Cronnicossy

    Good news, Bad news, Stream news.

    The Logical side of me wants to say "Sure, no problem. We obviously want things to be running (and funning) at 100% for the Beta." But the tapping buttons side of me says "The wait is killing me oh my goodness".
  5. Cronnicossy

    Fight sticks

    The Art on it I "made" myself, assembling a BG and a Giant cutout of the splash art. Some sprucing up and placed Logo's places and that's it. Qanba is top tier in my eyes-- now especially since Mad Katz croaked.
  6. Cronnicossy

    Games you could play over and over

    Rayman 1 (PSX) Donkey Kong Country 2
  7. Cronnicossy

    what minigames add you to the visual lobby? like snowball fight.

    Dice Functionality. I always feel like Dice can solve lots of decision making. Maybe inspire ChatRoom-like DnD Tabletop stuff, iunno. VisualNovelOnline too, is at its core a Chatroom, and the Dice feature in it people have a lot of fun with.
  8. Cronnicossy

    Um... What is this Ob3y thing?

    I'm clicking everywhere to try to find something secret(?) and nuts, maybe I'm just overthinking it. ... OR AM I?
  9. Cronnicossy

    A Really Dumb Idea

    It was from the ol-- uh. It's a reference to the Player "Desk". If you look up Desk Combo's on Youtube, you'll find him and his combo video's that are ussually meant for Style instead of optimal damage. So getting 100 Hits is basically saying "ARE YOU THIS GUY WHO'S SUPER GOOD AT FINDING COMBO'S?!"
  10. Cronnicossy

    Them's fightin' herds IRL

    Ah. Thats a nice Ccccccccchicken. I had the joke and I refused.
  11. Cronnicossy

    Wanted: New MMORPG to try

    Dungeon Fighter Online.
  12. Cronnicossy

    What would "ruin" Them Fightin' Herds for you?

    If the game was too simple. Who'd wanna play it after two years? Though I'm the guy who made the scene for Sonic The Fighters big, and trying to make a local Pokken scene (and Pokken's a SUPER Simple game), that said-- I'd still play it to hell even if it was simple. But it'd make me worry for...
  13. Cronnicossy

    The drama bar...

    Sounds like the way TFH's is handling it, is similar to how DFO's juggle decay system works. The longer the combo the heavier the opponent getting combo'd gets until it ends. If this is combined with the way Blazblue CS handled proration (in terms of damage scaling), this'd be perfect IMO.
  14. Cronnicossy

    Horror Games

    Does SCP Containment Breach count? I know SCP gets a bad rep cuz lol internet creepypasta sp00ks but that fan game is super legit and super scary. It has all the elements you'd need, and doesn't rely on jump scares. And no, the neck snap isn't really a jump scare. Closest thing is maybe the...
  15. Cronnicossy

    Will discussion in the Visual Lobby be restricted?

    I'm sure it'll be only hosted by the Mane6 Staff. I mean, makes sense right? I wanna know so bad if you can spectate other peoples fights from just watching their rumbling dustcloud...
  16. Cronnicossy

    Favorite Indie Games?

    ... Umm. Does 'The Beginners Guide' count?
  17. Cronnicossy

    Have You Ever Crowdfunded a Game Before/During the TFH Indiegogo Campaign?

    Just TFH, lol. I was late to the Indivisible Party, but I've been a long time player of Skullgirls for a few years! Once I read Shantae was gonna be in it I had my wallet out-- but I was too late!
  18. Cronnicossy

    Beat Em Ups

    I love Scott Pilgrim and Castle Crashers. Infact, I played Castle Crashers SO much, I had 10+ Insane Clear Chars (One at Level 1), and was Ranked 20 in the world for Ranked Arena PvP-- netting 3000 Wins on the XBL version. God, looking back I wasted so much time, lol. (Sorry for huge pic, UL'd...
  19. Cronnicossy


    I will admit I did not care for this game. But after seeing many video's I'm actually quite curious. I wanna see if a scene develops for this, and if so how balanced the game will be. Totally gonna try Weavile/Braixen.
  20. Cronnicossy

    First Fightin' Game(s) You've Ever Played

    MK2. My dad didn't seem to shy away from showing me all that gore. I played/watched all of it. Yet despite this, I still grew up shy, playing E rated only from choice, and scared of things. Odd how that works.