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  1. Avering

    Anukan's Not-Weekly(er) Worklog

    Right now that path really bleeds into the edges of the inclines. Will we get some stairs, or some other discerning features for those?
  2. Avering

    Feb 22 - Still release // Unexpected change of plans

    That is sad, but can I pester you guys for a finalised world map in return? I remember Anu sharing a not-yet final variant beforehand, it would be fun to see where everyone lives. Also, Aaaw, We love you too.
  3. Avering

    Let's settle it. Who is the most popular ungulate? [Beta Edition]

    I find the lack of choice for GOAT discouraging.
  4. Avering

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Plays van Helsing and makes everyone salty.
  5. Avering

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Has lost a vampire vs werewolf argument before.
  6. Avering

    Pun for the Whole Family

    Depends. I mean, if left out in the rain it might just become a Meltese Falcon.
  7. Avering

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Wants to have the right to say horrible things all to himself.
  8. Avering

    What song are you listening to right now?

    I think in Stalker they actually spoke Ukrainian. Considering it takes place in Ukraine after all. So the song is not 100% fitting. Exceedingly great video though, great find. Aaaaanyhow Punny name, great travelling song.
  9. Avering

    Word Association Game

  10. Avering

    Phone homescreen thread?

    All in thumbnails, for the big picture click on them.
  11. Avering

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Has never seen the light of day.
  12. Avering

    [Forum Game] The Person Above Me

    Is broken.
  13. Avering

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    Oh yeah wargame... Where I get stomped by easy computer. (Curse atgms, I am pretty sure the ai is cheating considering some stunts it can pull off) Hoi... is different... Most of the game is about setting up command structures and managing your economy, you can let the battles be decided by ai...
  14. Avering

    Introduce yourself

    I missed a lot of new faces to scare away welcome! Hi! ....I have nothing silly to say. Unusual.
  15. Avering

    Question & Answer

    That one with those spikes on its tail. Actually now that I think about it, the spikes on Spike's back are similar to the one on that one. Any discord server you frequent on?
  16. Avering

    Question & Answer

    That was a pun on plane and plan Dunno, just came up Should we continue it?
  17. Avering

    Question & Answer

    Did you mean the B-24, or the Catalina? The latter was in a squadron named black cats.. Anyhow, probably the Focke-Wulf 190. It was just a beast. What are we all planing now?
  18. Avering

    Question & Answer

    Hmmmm. HMMMMMMMMM. HMMMMMMMM If all guns are applicable, maybe the 12,8 Flakzwiling, because 12,8 Flakzwiling. If cannons are not part of it, then... HMMMMMMMM I want to say the GM6 Lynx, just for the coolness factor of the reciprocating barrel. (As for actual usability, the MG 42 and its...
  19. Avering

    Question & Answer

    Talking with piers. My peers find it weird though. Did you have any good conversations with an inanimate object recently?
  20. Avering

    Pixel artsy stuff thread

    I totally didn't forget about this thread at all. And since I didn't forget about it, time to upload the tabletop sprites I edited from the originals, with some comments on them because why not. A note however, is that I am nowhere near a good artist, so a lot of my stuff revolve around just...