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  1. Naughta_Noob

    Transition error in Salt mines

    If you get into a predator encounter just as the Salt Mines transition into the pre-Bear phase, you're stuck in a black screen until you die. Once that happens, the transitional wipes stay on your screen when you return to the pixel lobby and persist until you return to the main menu. I'm...
  2. Naughta_Noob

    Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw

    Recently, @Yeena asked me to teach her how to play Oleander. So, to prove I had both the time AND the crayons to teach her how to fight, I made this.
  3. Naughta_Noob

    Player balancing in Pixel Lobby

    There is a "casual ranking" that pops up in the menu with options to challenge a person and the pre-fight ready up screen, but that is a measure of time played (or seems like at least) that lasts between sessions.
  4. Naughta_Noob

    Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw

    Guys, I'm afraid that I've meme'd...I meme'd hard...
  5. Naughta_Noob

    how do you block paprikas zippy teleport?

    Here, I'll simplify the whole move for you. If you think Pap is going to teleport, jump backwards. You'll be too far back to get hit with A, over them with B, and you'll block/punish C
  6. Naughta_Noob

    Music option in Pixel Lobby has no effect

    The music volume option when tweaked in the pixel lobby has no effect on the volume when carried over to training mode or a fight. ...and DxDiag just in case. Don't worry, the frame drops there are my recording device
  7. Naughta_Noob

    Pun for the Whole Family

    You know, I would've expected something called the "dogwood tree" to have thicker bark than it actually does.
  8. Naughta_Noob

    Introducing the Cast of Them's Fightin' Herds

    You forgot Fred...just Fred... ALL OF HIM
  9. Naughta_Noob

    Foolin' in Fœnum! (comic + doodles) -- Happy Valentine's Day!

    First of all, to me getting an icon to begin with... And to answer your question, with Fred's eldritch magic, I'd like to assume that Oleander is simultaneously the spoon the size of a galaxy and the spoon fit for an atom at any given moment in time.
  10. Naughta_Noob

    Pun for the Whole Family

    This is an extension for what I stated during the last Foenatics stream, but... People in chat were calling out Rich here for hiding and someone went: "What are you talking about? It's just a rock cop" which prompted me to think up an 80's show intro: By day, he's ordinary husband Flint Stone...
  11. Naughta_Noob

    TFH In The Media

    Sorry to burst your bubble here, but Max already showed bias against the game during the Crowdfund due to the Lawyer Friendly Equines connection. Now I don't know if it was trolling or not, but knowing him, he'll give it, like, one stream with the whole crew, say it's good, and then never touch it again. It already...
  12. Naughta_Noob

    The Fightin' Fœnatics, V2 (Updated 5/3/17: HIATUS IS OVAH!)

    Well, happy birthday to me, I suppose. I'll be sure to join even though I probably won't get very far. This community has a lot of killers...
  13. Naughta_Noob

    The "What are you playing right now, and progress" Topic.

    WakE up, get up, get out there. So, yeah, Persona 5. I'm not normally into RPGs but P4A made me like those characters even if I didn't play the proper original. So I was still skeptical about this one but the allure of a certain waifu (I won't say who for fear of flame wars) brought me into it...
  14. Naughta_Noob

    Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw

    There was a lull in the work flow for me yesterday, quickly made myself a little buddy for the rest of the day purely from memory on some trash notepad paper that was laying around.
  15. Naughta_Noob

    The Fightin' Fœnatics, V2 (Updated 5/3/17: HIATUS IS OVAH!)

    Sorry about all the slow down in my matches, I (seemed to, at least) fixed it after the stream. Hopefully I can make the next one to redeem myself.
  16. Naughta_Noob

    Pun for the Whole Family

    Why is it hard to believe what a griffyn tells you? Because they're always half-lion And to double up: I believe that if someone uses a mule for a job that they're just half-assing it
  17. Naughta_Noob

    Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw

    Okay, I have no idea on where to post this, but because I needed someone to be a Princess in Miitopia and I didn't want to use Parasoul because I didn't want a party of nothing but Skullgirls characters, I made a Velvet Mii that might just be a bit terrifying...
  18. Naughta_Noob

    Them's Fightin' Herds: Backers' Beta starts May 25

    Yay...stuck at work tonight and have to head back in tomorrow morning...
  19. Naughta_Noob

    Backers Beta: Are we there yet? // Backerkit accidentally all over the place

    Wait, two weeks? I heard that before...
  20. Naughta_Noob

    Neat Ideas

    How about adding a jukebox feature to training mode so that you're not stuck listening to the same song for 20 minutes straight as you really try to master that combo...