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  1. Stunthead

    Music Discussion Thread

    So the stage themes and variations have been available for a while now, but with the release of the game, RC88 and Whitetail have put out all the character themes as well on Stuart's Bandcamp. It's available for purchase for $10 USD. So give them some love! Or not love, if you're so inclined...
  2. Stunthead

    Thoughts about episodic release

    So according to the September 16th news post, TFH is going to release the story mode episodically, starting with Arizona's episode. I'm assuming this decision was made for the sake of time or money, and the team probably thought long and hard about it, but how do you guys feel about this...
  3. Stunthead

    The State of Predator Scouts

    This is something I noted during my recap of the last stream that I thought I would bring up in its own thread. As it states in the prologue of The Book of Lore, the Predators have broken the lock to The Hold and are now in the void-like space between The Hold and Foenum. They're trying to break...
  4. Stunthead

    What will TFH be rated?

    Simple question, what do you think TFH will be rated? And what do you think it should be rated? Considering this is an independant company that's going to be distributing the game online, I doubt what rating they get is going to concern them much. Still, fun to speculate. Here's a rating guide...
  5. Stunthead

    The Mystery of The High Plains

    Hello and welcome to "Stunthead takes the Lore of an unreleased game way too seriously." But that's what this forum is for, isn't it? Mane6 gave us a frog, so let's get to dissecting. So, in Paprika's Book of Lore entry, Adobo's son says the following: “The leaders in the city are holding a...