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  1. CamTSB

    Upcoming Stream: Sunday Stompin' #2

    Generally by being active in the community, and showing that you're able to play at a high enough level to be shown as what is effectively an exhibition match.
  2. CamTSB

    Best controller for game

    Different keyboards can respond differently, one of the biggest problems is generally just "ghosting" where several keys can't be pressed at the same time. Usually helps to bind them with that in mind, and the in-game macros generally help with that as well. Depending on your keyboard, and your...
  3. CamTSB

    Best controller for game

    There is no "best" controller. The best controller for you to use will always be the one most comfortable to you. I use arcade stick, Oreo uses fightpad, Klisk uses a PC SNES controller at times, and Nappy goes back and forth between keyboard and hitbox. There are tons of options that work with...
  4. CamTSB

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    She and Risky are already in as spirits.
  5. CamTSB

    Revison of Spectator mode

    Strangely enough, we actually answered this question in the stream we had about half an hour after you made this post! Not to call out any obvious points you made, but yes, as it sits the spectator mode sucks a lot. We want to improve it, and that's something we're going to definitely do down...
  6. CamTSB

    Announcement: We're going to Dreamhack Dallas!

    Aaron forces sleep upon us even if we didn't want it. The Dreamhack schedule will be slightly less hectic than CB will be, but CB will have more people available. We can manage, but thanks for the concern!
  7. CamTSB

    List of Livestream Lore/Gameplay Bits

    I don't like the sass involved in this whole situation, lol.
  8. CamTSB

    Announcement: COMBOBREAKER 2019

    If possible, we might. Depends on the logistics of it all. And for the record, Melty is the one in the bathrooms. Get your FGC memes right, cmon now!
  9. CamTSB

    Development Update - March 29, 2019

    We've actually got a line about that in the most recent patch notes:
  10. CamTSB

    Getting stuck in Reine City

    Thanks for the report! This could be one of two things, either you found a very easily reproduced hole in the collision, or your connection to the server wasn't really keeping up and your client-side position got through the collision before the server caught up to where it was trying to go...
  11. CamTSB

    Official Discord Server

    Hey there everyone, Cam here! Some of you may know me from just hanging around here on the forums, or even from my unofficial discord server. With the inclusion of Aaron into our ranks as Production Manager, we've done some restructuring and advancements within the team in order to make us that...
  12. CamTSB

    Wacky Palletes Bug

    Yes, this is actually a bug that has been plaguing us for quite some time. It seems to be client-sided only (your opponent won't see it) but we haven't been able to reproduce it or narrow it down in this entire time. Thanks a bunch for the report, hopefully we can get something more figured out...
  13. CamTSB

    Chinese Internet

    Unfortunately the Internet Service Providers and Internet Policies of other countries are not anything that we, personally, can fix or address in any way. Our network solution for the game is already quite robust, but it can't do much more than make a connection more stable. Distance is always...
  14. CamTSB

    No HUD in the tutorials

    Interesting, thanks. I'll add that to the list.
  15. CamTSB

    Aaron Stavely joins Mane6

    There's a link to it in the main post of this thread, here.
  16. CamTSB

    Community Discord Server

    It is in fact fine, it is mentioned to be unofficial because I don't want people just taking anything I say as meaning "This is what Mane 6 thinks!" and throwing a bunch of garbage PR at us. It's the same as simply stating that the opinions expressed belong to the individual stating them and...
  17. CamTSB

    Community Discord Server

    The part up top that says "strictly non-official" is why it isn't stickied. It isn't official for many reasons, but it is still a place where we exist. And please do not necropost, I know you are very new to the forums, but there was no need to post in this thread as you can just join the discord.
  18. CamTSB

    TFH: Situation Update

    That's what I'm implying, it needs to be done before 1.0 drops regardless of the time between matchmaking and 1.0. It's just super technical since we're essentially building our own matchmaking system from scraps of a bunch of old dead xerox copy machines and sawdust. Also it's really not a...
  19. CamTSB

    Is there a suggestions topic? And a TfH Discord?

    It would be better to have a suggestions area in the main discussion area as opposed to the beginner forum, but there is no set thread for just feebdack. People mostly make new threads in there for that. We also have a feebdack section in the Discord server that you mentioned which is linked to...
  20. CamTSB

    Them’s Fightin’ Herds Frequently Asked Questions

    Steam automatically updates all games, there's no need to be concerned about finding external patches. You just need to not be running the game and it will do it for you.