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  1. QuoteMarks

    Game crash while in training.

    Dummy playback was active. When I tried to reproduce it worked fine.
  2. QuoteMarks

    A question about Smitty and the Pixel Lobby

    Is there a version of this hat with a #1 on it?
  3. QuoteMarks

    Arizona's rope seems unfinished

    Arizona's 5D normal rope start up, and hit frames appear finished. Every other rope animation frame including the miss animation frames are limited to rope shaped blobs. Feels like a small thing but needed to mention it somewhere.
  4. QuoteMarks

    Exploiting AI

    Don't really know if this should be considered a bug or just an exploit but, the AI, on the unfair difficulty and in arcade mode, can be exploited by Arizona's low rope. It almost never does anything but stand up and walk slowly backward. You can end up trapping it in a really long cycle of...
  5. QuoteMarks

    How did I become a Backer?

  6. QuoteMarks

    Do you touch the cow?

    Do You Dare?