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  1. Cinnamaldehyde

    Hey everybody, meet Fredrick!

    This is Fredrick. She was created by a group of my friends and I. Most everybody loved her so we started to make memes of her. So I decided to animate her Here are some assets feel free to make memes of her and post them below, or other places too.
  2. Cinnamaldehyde

    Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    I was surprised to come back this weekend and not see a thread for this! "Spoilers" should be assumed in this thread but feel free to put them on anyways! What do you think about Ridly? What do you think about that terrible 1v1 with Bayonetta? Wave dashing?... More characters announced...
  3. Cinnamaldehyde


    Post your wonderful Halloween pumpkin creations here. I like pumpkins and would like to see what everybody has done. I also made a cool pumpkin that I will post here in a few hours, when it gets dark.
  4. Cinnamaldehyde

    Should I buy Tekken 7?

    It is on a decent sale on Steam right now. I have played a couple of Tekken games in the past but this would be my first Tekken game I took seriously. If you don't suggest it what Tekken do you recommend?
  5. Cinnamaldehyde

    What TFH character is your profile pic

    I was just curious, but too lazy to scour profiles.
  6. Cinnamaldehyde

    Ideal DLC Character

    I've heard discussion of this topic in other threads but I figured it might be cool to have a chat about them without possibly derailing another thread. This could be ideal as in what they are, what they look like, what they act like, or what they play like.
  7. Cinnamaldehyde

    Favorite & Least Favorite Bosses in Fighting Games

    I personally have a love hate relationship with all bosses in fighting games though I tend to prefer the characters that are created to be the boss instead of just super powered versions of playable characters. My favorite final boss is from MELTY BLOOD aacc when you beat arcade mode with...
  8. Cinnamaldehyde

    New Years Resolutions

    I still have to think of mine, but I thought that the first step would be to create a thread for it. Share your New Years resolutions if you want to and try to improve your life, or at least say how you would like too. Like, "my New Years Resolution is to beat Rich Jammer at Thems' Fightin'...
  9. Cinnamaldehyde

    Who Else Likes Rave Music?

    I recently (4 months ago) rediscovered rave and hardcore music and I can't get enough. I used to listen to rave and hardcore when I was a kid (2004-2007ish) on Pandora. But enough small talk, I created this thread with the intent of sharing cool artists and songs in the rave/hardcore genre, and...
  10. Cinnamaldehyde

    Video Game Mods

    I think this thread fits in the fan creations more than the video game category because it is about the creations and not the games. Anybody and everybody feel free to show their mods here but I created this so I could show you all a couple of mods to video games that I have made. The first one...
  11. Cinnamaldehyde

    Leathal League: Is It a Fighting Game?

    It has directional inputs, a jump button, and two (attack) buttons, and character specific special moves. I don't really know or have an opinion on weather or not it is a fighting game, but I do love it.
  12. Cinnamaldehyde

    Would I really get something for winning a tournament on a DDR pad?

    It was a joke from way back that persisted a little bit, there was this post during one of the live streams. If this is true, would the lobby item be exclusive to DDR pad winners? Also what might it be? or would that ruin the surprise? that is, assuming it is even possible to win a tournament...
  13. Cinnamaldehyde

    Ideal Lobby Items

    I know I didn't pledge at that level and so did a lot of other people, but it sure is fun to dream... What ideas do you have, what would you like to see? I want a hat that hangs a carrot on a string in front of their face like in the cartoons. I also think that a pair of bunny ears is in order...
  14. Cinnamaldehyde

    Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball

    Does anybody else play this game? I love this game an have tried to make mods for it . do you think that this would make a good back decal? because of that one announcer taunt.
  15. Cinnamaldehyde

    The Reason Behind Your Username

    I thought that this might be a interesting topic even if it only gets a few responses. I often wonder the reasoning behind names, and here is a great place to find out. Unfortunately I can't type out the reason behind my name right now because I have to leave soon and I wont be back until late...
  16. Cinnamaldehyde

    I can do that (forum game)

    This is a game I just thought of this morning but it might have been created somewhere else first. Who knows? It is a forum adaptation of Never Have I Ever, except it is for things you have done. for example: P1: I once fell down a flight of stairs. P2:I've done that before. I think I broke my...
  17. Cinnamaldehyde

    Any Ideas for Short Animations?

    Hey it's me again, I would like to use these models I made for animation but I don't have very many ideas. Feel free to post any requests/ideas on this thread. When/if I finish one I will also post a link here.
  18. Cinnamaldehyde

    Sketches & Doodles: for those of us who can't draw

    I can't draw but I like to, this is where I will post doodles. Feel free to request, I don't know what to draw most of the time. I figure I will start with this doodle, Instead of a "Senior Quote" we got a box to do with whatever we pleased, so this is what I did. It was suggested that you...
  19. Cinnamaldehyde

    (Game) Super Powers

    This is a game I used to play with my uncle, we would come up with a super power but created the worst possible weakness or or stipulation to its use. I can't explain this any better than to give an example The power of flight But only when they are asleep so I will start with a power and the...
  20. Cinnamaldehyde

    Colective Story Telling

    Aside from comments each post should be just one sentence furthering the progression of the story. Just like those ones you might have done in school. I will start. The ground wasn't nearly as forgiving as it could have been.